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Guitar Of The Day

Here’s a question for all you bass players out there: What would you do if I told you that you could own every important bass ever built for about $1,500? Absurd, you say? Not at all. See, the Variax 705 Bass from Line 6 offers up stunningly accurate models of 24 vintage and modern basses, including a remarkably authentic acoustic upright bass!

The Variax 705 five-string bass starts with the same modeling technology that Line 6 used to voice the best-selling Variax electric and acoustic 6-strings. If you’ve played a Variax – or even heard one – you know just how accurate the onboard sounds are. For the Variax Bass, Line 6 practically traveled to the ends of the earth, tracking down the very best examples of the finest bass guitars ever made. Once they had studied and dissected each one, they had an astonishing array of bass sounds that range from a vintage jazz bass with roundwound strings to a Gibson Thunderbird to a real upright acoustic and everything in between. Naturally, they had to build a high-quality bass that could hold all these models, which led to the introduction of the original Variax Bass and more recently, the 5-string Variax Bass 5. Both have select alder bodies, a maple neck, and rosewood fingerboard with pearloid dot markers. Both basses are available in a 3-color sunburst with a tortoiseshell pickguard or in a black finish with white pearloid pickguard. The cool thing is that the Variax Basses play as well – or even better – than many of the onboard bass models. What’s more, it’s nicely balanced so you can play for hours. Have a look at all the 24 bass models onboard the Variax Bass:

  1. Vintage Jazz Bass – round wound
  2. Modern Jazz Bass – round wound
  3. P-J Bass – round wound
  4. Music Man Stingray
  5. Rickenbacker 4001
  6. Gibson Thunderbird
  7. MTD 435
  8. Hagstrom 8-string
  9. Acoustic bass guitar
  10. Upright bass
  11. Vintage Jazz Bass – flat wound
  12. Jaco Fretless Jazz Bass
  13. P-J Bass – flat wound
  14. Modulus Flea Bass active
  15. Hofner Beatle Bass flat wound
  16. Gibson EB-2D flat wound
  17. Warwick
  18. Hamer 12-string
  19. Guitarron
  20. Minimoog Bass

Special Bonus: Purchase a Line 6 Variax bass guitar between April 15, 2006 and July 5, 2006 and receive a free Bass PODxt Live!

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