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Guitar Of The Day

Today’s offering is another mindblower from Ibanez, the aptly named S470DXQMCN. Okay, it’s true the company’s ad agency could have put some sort of hip name on this one, like the Avenger (okay, lame), but that’s not what Ibanez is all about. For quite a few years now, their design team has looked at traditional electric guitars and asked, “How can we make these better? Can we make them easier to play? Can we make them sound better?” With such lofty goals in mind, it’s not surprising that Ibanez guitars are some of our best sellers. This one starts with a mahogany body that’s sculpted to feel more comfortable and also take off some of the extra weight without compromising the sound quality. Next, a quilted maple top was added, just in case you’re looking for a guitar that’s guaranteed to impress everyone the minute you open the case. Three specially designed DiMarzio IBZ pickups (two humbuckers plus a single-coil in between) deliver a superbly versatile palette of sounds, but if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a built-in piezo in the bridge for superbly detailed acoustic tones.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an Ibanez without the sleek, fast Wizard II Prestige 3-piece maple neck with a bound rosewood fingerboard and 22 jumbo frets. This baby is so strong and sturdy that you may well go decades without ever having to adjust it. The generous lower bout cutaway allows easy access to the upper registers so your can really dig into your solos. Another thoughtful touch is the addition of a ZR (for Zero Resistance) vibrato tailpiece – a major piece of modern technology that lets you bend notes up or down throughout a wide range without going out of tune. Add a 5-position blade pickup selector switch, tone and volume controls, an affordable price tag that’s actually going to surprise you, and you have the makings of an instant winner!

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