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Guitar Of The Day

It’s kind of funny if you think back to when Gibson was building the 1959 Les Paul Standard. There were so few really great guitars (or even good ones) being designed and manufactured back then. Certainly Gibson is the name that most comes to mind when you’re thinking about a professional-quality solidbody guitar with a set neck and two humbuckers. Yet by 1959, the company had already been crafting fine guitars for about half a century, and today almost any vintage Gibson in really good condition is worth a small fortune, though the “holy grail” for collectors will probably always be the first three years of sunburst Les Pauls, which were built from 1958 to 1960, then discontinued in favor of the SG (which was actually called a Les Paul during the first few years of production). Naturally, the better the flame maple top, the bigger the price tag. Yet when you think about it, a ’59 Reissue that’s built today will in all likelihood be a better guitar – and certainly vastly more affordable!

This one has everything you could ask for. It has a gorgeous flame maple top in a color Gibson (and a few thousand serious collectors) calls Ice Tea, which is the name originally given to real Cherry Sunburst ’59s that had faded, but still retained some amount of the red pigmentation around the edges. With a pair of vintage-voiced humbuckers, a rounded neck profile, and jumbo frets, it’s no wonder the ’59 quickly became the guitar for serious players like Clapton, Beck, Page, Green, and Bloomfield!

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