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Guitar of the Day

Once again, Ibanez has delivered an instrument with features you’d expect to pay two or three times more for if it had a different name on the headstock. This time it’s the SR1000 bass with a stunning flame maple comfort-contoured body in a sumptuous natural finish. The 5-piece maple and bubinga neck-thru design is among the thinnest and fastest in its class, while the dual world-class Bartolini pickups and 3-band active EQ deliver the kind of monster tone usually associated with custom-built instruments that just happen to cost a small fortune!

This is unquestionably one of the best-looking bass guitars around with that gorgeous maple body, but it’s also surprisingly light weight with a superbly balanced feel. That’s important when you’re looking at long sets up on stage or grueling all-day studio sessions. What’s more, you won’t believe just how fast the 5-piece maple and bubinga neck plays and how effortlessly you can access the upper frets. The rosewood fingerboard delivers a strong, perfectly articulated sound, but even more importantly, it won’t chew up your fingers during long sessions. Then there’s the specially designed Bartolini Custom neck and bridge pickups matched to the Vari-Mid Hi-Fi 3-band active EQ circuitry, which allows you to quickly dial up your perfect bass sound on stage or in the studio. If you’re looking to purchase a superb bass guitar that will likely last you a lifetime, but won’t take a lifetime to pay off, we’d strongly suggest you take a look at the SR Series from Ibanez. Yes, it’s also available in 5- and 6-string versions!

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