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Guitar of the Day

Yesterday we were discussing just how amazing it was that Leo Fender, who was himself not a guitar player, could possibly have come up with such timeless designs as the Telecaster, the Jaguar, and Jazzmaster, and the first electric bass. Or how about today’s Guitar of the Day, the Fender Custom Classic Stratocaster V-Neck? Say the words “electric guitar” to the average man on the street and the odds are good he’ll be visualizing a Stratocaster in his head!

The Custom Classic Strat V-Neck is built in Fender’s Custom Shop, so you know it’s accurate down to the smallest detail, though it’s not a reissue of any specific year Stratocaster. It starts with a premium ash body, which is light and resonant, but it also takes a stain better than almost any other timber — in this case a specially formulated Aged Cherry Sunburst that’s deep and rich with just the right amount of fading. The lightly figured maple neck has the classic “V” shape that appeals to players like Eric Clapton and Buddy Guy, as well as a polished satin polyurethane finish that allows your fingers to fly up and down the 22-fret fingerboard with ease.

Such a special guitar deserves the best pickups, so Fender equipped this one with two Modern Classic Single-coils in the neck and middle position plus a Hot Classic bridge pickup with custom steel inductance plate, all with modern magnet stagger (which keeps the G string from being louder than all the others). In keeping with the overall feel of this Strat, Fender equipped it with a deluxe 2-point synchronized tremolo with stainless steel saddles and a 3-ply parchment pickguard. Of course it ships in a deluxe Custom Shop hardshell case with black crushed velour interior.

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