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Guitar of the Day

Just one look at the Ibanez RGA121 and you know that this baby means business. There’s really only one word for the look of this guitar, and that’s “aggressive!” There have been a lot of changes in music over the last 50+ years and while some manufacturers simply add a few new features to an existing model or give a guitar some sort of unusual paint job, Ibanez keeps coming up with brand new designs that reflect the style of music that’s being played. What’s more, Ibanez guitars are often far more affordable than their nearest competitors, allowing working pros to own a brand new instrument that not only sounds great, but also turns heads when they take the stage! Crafted by Ibanez’s most experienced luthiers using the finest materials and electronics available, the Ibanez RGA series, which includes the RGA121, features the thin, fast Prestige Wizard neck, super-hot DiMarzio pickups, and a massive new fixed bridge the company calls the Gibraltar Plus.

The RGA121 starts with a nicely contoured, solid mahogany body and a maple top in a really sweet Violin Flat finish. Of course, mahogany and maple have been used together for many decades. It’s a proven formula that Ibanez decided to keep, though this guitar’s looks are anything but traditional. This combination can also end up weighing a lot, which makes long gigs exhausting. So the design team fashioned a body that delivers superb tone while still keeping the weight down. For the Wizard Prestige neck, Ibanez chose maple and walnut, another “tried and true” formula, but with several extra steps in the finishing process that gives it a rounded, comfortable “broken-in” feel, while the 24-fret premium rosewood fingerboard lets you play as fast as you like. The final piece of the puzzle (and some might say most important) is a pair of DiMarzio IBZ pickups. DiMarzios are revered for their monster tone, though you can also roll back the volume control to produce a smooth, warm rhythm sound. But run them full out and you’ll be astounded at the harmonically rich, robust tone. Naturally, it comes with a custom fitted hardshell case.

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