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Guitar of the Day

If you love the sound of a Tele, but wish you could get that sound from a more unique-looking guitar, you’re probably the person Parker built the Southern NiteFly for. This guitar has a beautiful swamp ash body and a solid maple neck in a sweet, vintage-looking butterscotch finish. For all the twang you want or need, Parker has outfitted the Southern NiteFly with a Seymour Duncan single-coil pickup in the bridge position and a Duncan “lipstick” single-coil in the neck position. The black pickguard gives this instrument a decidedly classic look, particularly when combined with the chrome-plated control panel that tucks up into the pickguard just like it should, with three chrome dome knobs and a black-tipped blade pickup switch.

Up until now, aside from that distinctive Parker body and the company’s trademark headstock, we’re talking about some pretty standard features. But the Parker goes one step farther and adds a 6-element Fishman pickup system into the Fishman Powerbridge. This is connected to a custom-designed Fishman active filtering preamp, so aside from your basic killer electric guitar sound, you can get a very credible acoustic sound, as well. It helps that Parker designs their bodies to be light and extremely resonant, so that when you strum it, you’re not just getting the string vibration, but also the body vibration, which is key to achieving a realistic acoustic sound. Even the bolt-on maple neck uses a half round precision joint, so that the whole guitar responds to your touch and playing style. Naturally this Parker comes with a custom hardshell case.

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