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Guitar of the Day

It would be safe to say that there are few electric guitars around as visually stunning as the Gibson Memphis EDS-1275 Double Neck. Although more than a few guitar players have used one, the minute you lay your eyes on this legendary instrument, odds are pretty good that Jimmy Page will come to mind, up on the stage playing the opening notes of “Stairway to Heaven.” And although this beauty has its own model number, you’ll immediately see the influence of the Gibson SG Series in the twin cutaway solid mahogany body and Heritage Cherry finish. Not surprisingly, Gibson is planning to build only 250 of these Vintage Original Spec (VOS) guitars, making them almost certainly an instant collector’s item.

Another SG influence is in the mahogany neck. See, SGs have always been popular for their fast, comfortable necks and the EDS-1275 carries on that tradition. Some players have found 12-strings to be difficult to play due to the way they can chew up a player’s fingers, but by combining 12 strings with a fast neck, it won’t take you long to adapt to the extra six strings. Both the 6- and 12-string necks have Madagascar mahogany fingerboards with classic split parallelogram pearloid inlays. The bridges on both guitars are Gibson’s ABR-1s with long-pull tailpieces. The tuners are vintage-style “tulip” tuners while the pickups consist of a pair of Jimmy Page humbuckers and a set of Gibson 490 humbuckers. Naturally, the EDS 1275 ships to your door in a handsome Custom Shop plush-lined hardshell case and includes a certificate of authenticity.

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