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Guitar of the Day

For most bass players, four strings are plenty. But for those who want to push their musical range beyond the ordinary – maybe explore some melodic territory – there are 5- and 6-string basses. Of course, many of these carry a hefty price tag. Not so with the Ibanez SR1006EFM, which is a 6-string bass guitar with a flame maple top, a 5-piece maple/ bubinga neck-through design, and a pair of premium Bartolini Custom pickups – the same ones you’ll likely find on basses costing two or three times the price of the SR1006EFM.

By starting with a premium flame maple top with a natural flat finish, you already have the great look every guitar player wants. But then you add in a Prestige Series neck, which has to be among the most playable 6-string bass necks available. This one is constructed of three pieces of natural maple with strips of bubinga added in between for both its beauty and strength. A 24-fret rosewood fingerboard with long grain pattern and abalone offset dot inlays help deliver a tight, focused sound. Meanwhile, the two Bartolini Custom pickups produce earth-shaking lows and crisp, clear highs. The active circuitry includes the Vari-Mid Hi-Fi 3-band equalizer, which lets you quickly dial in the perfect sound for any musical style from country to metal to jazz-fusion.

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