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Guitar of the Day

On Thursday, June 28th, both our lead story and Guitar of the Day feature came together to announce the arrival of no less than four examples of a new instrument that’s a landmark collaboration between two of the most high-profile entities in the modern guitar world, Eddie Van Halen and Fender Musical Instruments. Its name is Frankenstein and it’s perhaps one of the wildest offerings we’ve ever seen, being as the original was put together by Eddie in 1975 using a $50 body and an $80 neck along with the wildest paint job and without question, the worst pickup installation you can possibly imagine. Yet the final product ended up sounding and playing better than anyone could possibly have imagined. And so it was that one of the most iconic instruments in rock history came into being.

Now, Eddie and Fender have partnered to create 300 hand-built replicas of this instrument under the EVH brand name. Aside from Fender’s rock-solid reputation in the music world, Eddie realized that this was the only company capable of crafting duplicates that are so authentic, he himself could not tell the difference. This red, black, and white ash-body guitar has been put through Fender’s astounding aging process to duplicate the original right down to the last scratch, dent, ding, and cigarette burn. Though the guitar actually has but one functioning pickup, a Seymour Duncan Custom Shop EVH humbucker, it’s amazing how beautifully the sound cleans up when you roll back the volume control. Meanwhile, the Floyd Rose tremolo tailpiece allows you to bend notes in dramatic fashion. We have three to choose from – #1, #2, and #3 – though each is absolutely identical to the others. When these are gone, they’re gone! This is a rare opportunity to own a significant piece of rock history!

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