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For certain players, especially those who are used to single-cutaway, maple-topped guitar of the “G” brand, the controls on a Telecaster can take some getting used to…not just the location and layout, but the operation. The three-position blade switch and lack of individual volume controls, in particular, can seem foreign. Now the great guitar minds at Sweetwater have come up with a solution — and it’s one that will likely appeal to conventional Tele lovers as well! Witness the Sweetwater-exclusive
Fender Custom Shop Custom Deluxe Telecaster, which we affectionately refer to as the “Tele Toggle” model.

For this very special Tele, we sat down with the Fender Custom Shop and spec’d out a three-way toggle switch on the upper bout of the guitar, plus, we modified the traditional Tele control plate to hold an individual volume control for each pickup plus a master tone control. The pickups are a Custom Shop Twisted Tele in the neck and a Custom Shop Broadcaster in the bridge.

The result? A guitar that allows you to blend the two pickups together, balance their volumes individually, and to change gears even more quickly. We think it’s a winning combination, especially when matched with the ash body, V-shaped maple neck with rosewood fingerboard and 9.5-inch radius, and thin nitrocellulose lacquer finish. Other nice touches include the chrome-plated steel bridge with plated brass saddles and locking tuners.

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