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Guitar of the Day

More than one Sweetwater customer has asked that we feature more bass guitars. We aim to please! What better place to start than with a bass many thought would never get built. Fender, the company that introduced the world to the very first electric bass back in 1951 (with surprisingly little fanfare) has never built a 24-fret bass. Many “experts” believed they never would. Yet here it is: the Fender Jazz Bass 24 in a striking Cherry Sunburst finish. Can you feel all that positive energy? This is a beauty that was well worth waiting for, so go ahead and hand out the party favors! Then go check out the photos and you’ll see that this is definitely not your typical Jazz Bass with just an extra few frets. Everything starts with a nicely figured quilted maple top over a solid alder Jazz Bass body with that classic offset-waist design. To deliver room-shaking lows, Fender equipped this beauty with two Seymour Duncan Bassline single-coil pickups and then connected them to an onboard Duncan-designed BEQ3 preamp. The electronics are active (they run off a single 9-volt battery) with a 3-band EQ that provides up to 15dB of treble boost/cut, 14dB of boost/cut in the critical midrange, and 12dB of bass boost/cut. There’s also special mid-scoop and “slap” switching with a 5dB bass boost and 5dB mid cut.

Other upgrades include the Hipshot-licensed tuning machines and a specially designed 6-bolt neck plate. The rich Cherry Sunburst finish is protected by several layers of polyurethane, buffed to a perfect jewel-like gloss. The maple neck is finished in a specially formulated satin polyurethane, which is in keeping with contemporary tastes. But above all, the one feature that stands out as the most extraordinary is the price tag!

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