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Guitar of the Day

One of our writers says that if you turn him loose in the massive Sweetwater warehouse to choose any Stratocaster, this is the one he’d select. The Fender Custom Shop 20th Anniversary Masterbuilt 2007 Stratocaster has everything that makes for the perfect Strat! First off, it has the early 1950s 2-Color Sunburst. The 2-color just looks so classy and understated. Next up, the body is constructed of ash, which is what early Strats were made of, so it has that going for it. And then there’s that wildly flamed, quarter-sawn, tinted maple neck! Honest folks – it’s a thing of beauty all on its own. As a bonus, it has a rosewood fingerboard, which seems to tame the high frequencies enough so that you never have to reach for the tone control unless it’s to radically alter the sound.

But none of these would mean a thing if it weren’t for the fact that this baby comes equipped with the perfect pickups! In the neck position is a Custom Shop ’69 single-coil, while in the middle position is a reverse-wound, reverse polarity Custom Shop ’69. At the bridge, where you want a little extra spark, the Custom Shop chose a Texas Special. Together they achieve the perfect balance you want in a Strat, with lots of spank and sparkle, along with some extra juice when you plug into an appropriately overdriven amp. The pickguard looks like it’s been on this guitar for two decades, at least it’s got that light mint green color to it, while the pickup covers and control knobs have a warmer color that’s a nice complement. The Fender Custom Shop also made the right call by giving this Strat their thin-skin nitrocellulose lacquer “Closet Classic” finish, which will age beautifully. It wouldn’t be a Strat without a silky smooth tremolo, and this one has the newer (and far better) pop-in arm. It has an engraved 20th anniversary neck plate and a Masterbuilt Limited Edition case. Of course, this Masterbuilt Strat includes free shipping direct to your doorstep via FedEx. What more could you possibly ask for?

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