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Guitar of the Day

Something completely different for the Guitar of the Day today! (Okay, technically they’re not guitars, but they’ve got strings and frets, so we’re going to make an exception…) Check out the Gibson Custom F5 Korina mandolins! We’ve got two examples in stock, one finished in Vintage Amber, the other in Pomegranate Burst, both with gold hardware for that extra touch of luxury. The F5 mandolin dates back to the Lloyd Loar-era of Gibson’s history and vintage examples signed by Loar in the 1920s can bring in excess of $200,000! Now you can have a one-of-a-kind F5 for a tiny fraction of that price.

Both of these F5 Korina mandolins feature korina back and sides (you knew it had to be in there somewhere, right?) and a spruce top. The neck is topped with the iconic Loar-designed “fern” headstock from the ’20s. The Gibson Custom Shop crafts each one of these instruments, taking the time to set them up perfectly for the best playing action and sound possible. The finish is a traditional nitrocellulose lacquer for a classic look and feel, plus the thin nitro finish doesn’t damp the response of the mandolin, allowing it to resonate cleanly and freely for maximum tone. The compensated bridge means you can play in tune anywhere on the fretboard.

These two unique F5 mandolins are examples of the pinnacle of the luthier’s art, and they will only open up for better and better tone as they mature over the coming decades — these are instruments to cherish and play for a lifetime, then to pass on to your children and grandchildren to enjoy! Even better, these one-of-a-kind mandolins will only increase in value — they’re true modern-day collectibles.

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