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Gretsch G6119B Broadkaster (Walnut Stain) – Guitar of the Day

At first glance, the Gretsch G6119B Broadkaster Bass might easily be mistaken for a Tennessee Rose or a 1960s Tennessean. But then you count the strings and it finally registers: It’s a bass! Of course, historically speaking, Gretsch was never known for its bass guitars. Yes, they made some, but none achieved the status of the company’s 6-strings, like the Country Gentleman (most often pictured being played by Beatle George Harrison), the Nashville or even the White Falcon. But now that Gretsch instruments are being built under the watchful eye of FMIC (that’s Fender Musical Instrument Company), it made sense to adopt one of the company’s better designs into a high-end bass.

Unlike almost all of the 1960s Gretsch models, which had painted-on f-holes, the BroadKaster has real f-holes. This is a smart design move, since the G6119B is a hollowbody design, so why not let that laminated, arched maple top freely resonate? Just as the f-holes in a cello or double bass allow for better low end response, the Broadkaster benefits from the two oversized, bound f-holes. Two specially designed FilterTron bass pickups translate this instrument’s rich acoustic sound into an amplified tone that’s smooth and well balanced. The maple top is finished in a deep walnut stain that really enhances the look of the wood, and both the top and back, as well as the neck, are bound, which really gives this instrument an elegant look. The 3-piece maple neck has a rosewood fingerboard with those neo-classical thumbnail position markers. The bridge is fully adjustable for perfect intonation and the “G”-cutout tailpiece adds a vintage touch of class. The Broadkaster comes with a deluxe hardshell case that will protect your investment for many years – more likely decades – to come!

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