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Globally switching your 01V/02R aux sends pre or post fader.

Here’s a handy tip for you Yamaha O1V and 02R (V2) owners. When you switch between tracking and mixing sessions it can be nice to quickly change all of your aux sends from pre fade to post fade signals. There is an easy way to do this globally in your mixer.

The channels for a selected Aux Send can be individually set to either Pre-Fader or Post-Fader. It is also possible to change all channels for an Aux Send to either Pre-Fader or Post-Fader, simultaneously.

1) Press the desired [AUX 1] – [AUX 8] button located in the ‘DISPLAY ACCESS’ group.

NOTE: AUX 1 through AUX 6 should display the channel control settings on page ‘1/1’, while AUX 7 and AUX 8, which route to the internal effects, should display the channel control settings on page ‘1/3’.

2) Press the [ENTER] button to switch the selected channel to the desired setting, ‘POST’ or ‘PRE’.

NOTE: The default setting for the individual channels displayed is ‘POST’ (Post-Fader).

3) Press the [ENTER] button twice, quickly. A message prompt will appear with the query, ‘ALL CHANNEL PRE/POST, EXECUTE?

4) Use the ‘CURSOR’ button to select ‘EXECUTE’.

5) Press the [ENTER] button. The Aux Send controls for all the channels displayed for on page ‘1/1’ or ‘1/3’ will change simultaneously to the selected ‘POST’ or ‘PRE’ setting.

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