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Gibson’s Les Paul Standard 2012

Legendary Tones and New Tonal Twists

How do you improve upon an iconic, time-tested guitar design that arguably set the bar for electric axes? The folks at Gibson know what’s great about the Les Paul Standard. They also know that players are evolving and demanding more and more out of their instruments. The Les Paul Standard 2012 gives you everything you crave in a Les Paul: rich tonality, beautiful sustain, midrange character, and classic lines. But Gibson has added enhancements to make the Les Paul Standard 2012 a perfect performer for modern players.

Pick it up and you’ll know right away that the Les Paul Standard 2012 is true to its heritage. You get that fantastic combination of a mahogany body, a carved maple top, and the tried-and-true dual-humbucker/4-control layout. But, pull on those control knobs, and you get a nice surprise. This Les Paul features coil-tapping electronics that let you dial in both humbucking and single-coil-style tones from the BurstBucker pickups. You can also pull up on the neck tone control and reverse the neck pickup’s phase, for even more tonal variety. Want that lead part to cut through the mix? Just pull up on the bridge pickup’s tone control and bypass the tone/volume circuit completely! Add these great extras to the classic 2-volume/2-tone/3-way selector, and you have a one-stop tone machine packed into a classic axe!

Gibson also upped the ante on this Les Paul’s playability. Whether you’re chording down low or soloing high on the neck, you’ll love this guitar’s feel. Gibson gave the Les Paul Standard 2012 a compound-radius fingerboard, so it’s totally comfortable for both roles. You get it all from one guitar: classic tones and iconic looks plus the improved feel and tonal control you need to play all kinds of styles. Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer and experience the incredible Les Paul Standard 2012 for yourself!

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