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Gibson Les Paul Supreme Review

An awesome piece of workmanship, combining the best of a classic with newer techniques!

The Les Paul is legendary for its beautifully massive tone, used countless times in major recordings and on stage. The Les Paul Supreme takes this legend to the next level, with a look, feel, and sound that earns the name “Supreme.”

The most obvious thing right out of the case is the look. On stage, appearance is half the show, and this is a beautiful guitar, with gold hardware, ebony fingerboard with pearl inlays, a sweet carved top and back. Very photogenic!

When you’re done staring and ready to play, turn down a few decibels from what you set your amp at for other guitars – this thing CRANKS, with two alnico V humbuckers for a larger-than-life hot output. I won’t even start the More Paul jokes.

The chambered mahogany body gives it the sweetness of a hollowbody and also makes it lighter than your average Les Paul, so it doesn’t get tiring on the shoulders and back during long gigs. More tone, less mass, win win!

In demoing this guitar I rerecorded a song of mine that had been written for another guitar and several layers of keyboards. The song started with clean guitar but then went to all out shred, with more than just power chords so some note definition was important.

It took me about five minutes to find the exact tone that song needed! Clean, the Les Paul Supreme has a fullness that didn’t need the keyboard backing parts; this guitar wanted to be heard! And for shred, WOW! The Les Paul Supreme distorts well, not just letting the effects eat the tone, but rather it gives the distortion some serious backbone. Between every little crackle of distortion was a recognizable chunk of that timeless tone.

An awesome piece of workmanship, combining the best of a classic with newer techniques to get more tone out of a lighter body and make it look stunning to boot!

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