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Gibson Custom Shop Historic Series 20th Anniversary

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Les Paul Reissue program, Gibson has gone back to the drawing board to create the most accurate vintage reproductions to date. Many of these Gibson Custom Shop Historic Series guitars feature updated finishes and hardware as well as hide-glued necks, authentic truss-rod and tuner designs, and 1-piece rosewood fretboards.

Gibson’s latest Custom Shop Historic Series guitars include new appointments to add even more authenticity and vintage vibe. Necks are now attached using hide glue, which many argue sounds better than modern synthetic glues. The truss rod, truss-rod washer, and anchor have been re-engineered to their original forms. Also, the tubing that surrounded the truss rod has been eliminated. New Kluson Green Key Tuners now feature the proper vintage profile, color, and performance specifications.

Even the finishes on many of these premium Custom Shop instruments have been updated. The Goldtop Les Pauls have a reformulated color that’s closer to the original ’50s coloring. The gold is richer and “greener,” with better depth, and the backs have a deeper grain presentation. The fingerboard and body binding are a darker cream color that more closely matches vintage Gibsons.

The models in the 2013 Gibson Custom Shop Historic Series are the most accurate reissue guitars Gibson has ever put out. Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer to get yours today!

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