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Gender Transformation Using BIAS PitchCraft

Ever wished you had a member of the opposite sex handy to join you in a duet? Or, maybe you want some female or male backup singers. If that’s the case, BIAS PitchCraft, which is part of the company’s Master Perfection Suite, is one place to turn, since it has the capability of changing vocal formants to match those of different genders – or even children’s voices! You can accomplish these transformations by using the Pitch and Formant controls together. Here are some guidelines:

  1. Transposing pitch upward is the equivalent of shortening vocal cords, while transposing downward lengthens them.
  2. Shifting formants upward is the equivalent of reducing the size of the vocal cavity, while shifting downward enlarges it.
  3. To transform a male voice into a female voice, you would use the pitch slider to transpose the pitch upward, then move the formant slider upward until a natural sound is achieved. Conversely, to change a female voice into a male voice, you would move the pitch slider and the formant slider downward.

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