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Fretlight FG-441 (Sunburst) – Guitar of the Day

Welcome Fretlight! Today for our Guitar of the Day, we’re spotlighting the newest member of the Sweetwater guitar manufacturer family, Fretlight Guitar. For nearly 25 years, Fretlight has been making solidbody electric guitars featuring polymer fretboards with an embedded LED Learning System. So not only do you get a great electric guitar, you also get a useful self-teaching tool!

There’s nothing quite like the Fretlight system. Your Fretlight guitar connects to your computer via USB. The included Fretlight Studio software displays scales, chords, riffs, even complete songs on the fingerboard of your guitar using LEDs embedded in the fretboard. Whether you’re a beginner learning your first licks or a seasoned pro looking to expand your knowledge and skills or to learn new songs quickly and accurately, the Fretlight Learning System is efficient and effective. Plus, you get a great playing, feeling, and looking electric guitar as well!

There are several members in the Fretlight family:

  • FG-411 — alder body, maple neck, humbucking pickup, hardtail bridge
  • FG-421 — alder body, maple neck, humbucking bridge pickup, single-coil neck and middle pickups, hardtail bridge FG-441 — alder body, maple neck, two single-coil pickups, tremolo bridge
  • FG-461 — ash body, birdseye maple top, Stratabond neck, two Lindy Fralin P-92 single-coil pickups, hardtail bridge

And we’re stocking left-handed versions, so all you lefties can take advantage of the incredible Fretlight technology!

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