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Fender ’65 Deluxe Reverb (Black) – Guitar of the Day

Although we almost never select guitar amplifiers for our Guitar of the Day feature, and even though we just presented the Fender Deluxe Reverb a few weeks back, we simply had to make this very special guitar amplifier our choice for today. TheVox AC15H1TVL Limited Edition represents the very first offering from the new Heritage Collection of handwired amps that commemorate the 50th anniversary of Vox amps. Today’s players will be ecstatic over the decision to combine the EF86 preamp channel of the 1958 AC15 with the Top Boost channel from 1963. This will literally transport you through the golden age of Vox tone! While this amp is capable of delivering 15 watts of pure sonic bliss, there is also a half-power switch, which changes the sound in a number of subtle ways.

The AC15H1TV Limited Edition has a vintage-style cabinet of beautifully oiled, hand-finished tropical mahogany, along with the correct 12-inch Celestion Alnico “Blue” speaker. Channel 1 is the EF86 preamp channel, and features two traditionally wired inputs with 6dB gain difference from each other. A 2-position bass-shift switch is voiced to match the original bass response in position 1, while position 2 tightens the bass and reduces muddiness when the amp is in high volume mode. A 3-position Brilliance switch delivers flat response when set to position 1, voicing like the early AC30 treble amps in position 2, while position 3 is the original brilliance circuit. The EF86 Mode switch reconfigures the tube from sweet high-gain pentode to triode mode, which will produce a low-gain tone with high headroom. Channel 2 also has a 6dB difference between the inputs, while the treble and bass controls are from the 1963 Top Boost circuit, and so are extremely interactive, allowing for a wide range of tones. Only 200 of these are going to be built with the vintage “TV Front” mahogany cabinet and the pre-1960 logo placement. What more can we say, except order yours now so you won’t be missing out on this Holy Grail of Vox tone!

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