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Using the Expand feature of Fender\’s Cyber-Deluxe Amp

“How can I use my Fender Cyber Deluxe guitar amp in “stereo” mode?”

You can fully experience the stereo effects onboard the Cyber-Deluxe amplifier using the Stereo Expander feature. Best of all, nearly any second guitar amp can be used.

1. Switch POWER OFF to both amplifiers.
2. Turn the EXPANDER LEVEL knob fully counterclockwise.
3. Connect the amplifier’s EXPANDER jack to the auxiliary amp’s POWER AMP IN or EFFECTS RETURN jack, using a guitar/patch cord (tip-sleeve (TS) or tip-ring-sleeve (TRS) type cords are acceptable).
4. Set the EXPANDER MONO/STEREO button to the IN position.
5. Switch POWER ON to the Cyber-Deluxe amplifier, then the auxiliary amp.
6. While playing with your guitar and Cyber-Deluxe amplifier at normal levels, turn the EXPANDER LEVEL knob until the amplifiers are equally loud. If any auxiliary amp controls are functional, it may be necessary to adjust them to achieve a balance in volume and tone.
7. Toggle the EXPANDER PHASE switch IN and OUT to determine if either setting improves the stereo effect. This feature corrects phase differences that could exist between various amplifier models.

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