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Enhancing bass guitar and kick drum sounds in Pro Tools

Use this method to achieve more definition from bass guitars. The same tip can also be used on kick drums.

First, make a duplicate of the bass track. Then process the duplicate track in Pro Tools with the Moogerfooger Lo-Pass plug-in. Next, set the plug-in’s Mix parameter to 10, the Resonance to 1, and the overall Amount to 1.

Turn the frequency control up until you get a well-defined sub-bass tone. Group both bass tracks to a separate bus, and create a new aux track. Be sure to assign the inputs to the same bus. Then, on the original bass track in Pro Tools, use an EQ plug-in, such as the Focusrite EQ, to roll some of the low “subs” out.

Next, blend the original bass track with the Moogerfooger-treated track to create a fat, solid composite bass sound. The aux track will now become the bass master track. Finally, EQ and compress that aux track to fine-tune the bass sound to taste.

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