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Weekly Roundup for April 4, 2014
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  Spring Clearance Sale – Save Up to 70%!

Spring is in the air, and we're cleaning out the warehouse - and passing the savings on to you! Come peruse the selection of demos...
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This Week's Top News
  Songwriter Equity Act Supported in Washington 
The Songwriter Equity Act was recently introduced by Congressman Doug Collins; the Act updates the Copyright Act to allow for a "rate court" to consider other royalty rates as... Read More »
  Video » Antelope Audio Zen Studio Overview – Sweetwater Minute Vol. 229 
Get the Zen Studio here: Mitch sits down with Marcel James from Antelope Audio for a tour of their Zen Studio audio interface. Enjoy the overview, then click the link above to... Read More »
  Glyph Announces StudioRAID mini 
Glyph has expanded their Studio mini line of hard drives with the StudioRAID mini, a mobile RAID solution. The StudioRAID mini is available in sizes up to 4TB, and supports... Read More »
  Video » Gibson Custom Shop “Made to Measure” Guitar Demo – Sweetwater’s Guitars and Gear Vol. 72 
Get the 1958 Les Paul Reissue "Made to Measure" here: Get the '57 Les Paul Goldtop w/Bigsby "Made to Measure" here: Mitch tries out two special Gibson Custom Les Pauls, spec'd... Read More »
  Buy UA Octo, Get $750! 
Here's your chance to get $750 worth of plug-ins, free of charge! That's the bonus you'll receive when you purchase a Universal Audio UAD-2 Octo DSP accelerator card between... Read More »
  Sweetwater Reveals Next-gen Technology for Guitarists 
USB HD Modeling Pick opens new tonal vistas April 1, 2014, Fort Wayne, Indiana - It's a common problem among guitar players: a thin pick sounds best for rhythm strumming and... Read More »
  Video » Behringer iS202 iPad Dock Demo – Sweetwater’s iOS Update Vol. 69 
Get the iS202 here: Mitch shows how you can turn your iPad into a portable recording system with the Behringer iS202 iPad dock/audio interface. Enjoy the demo, then click the... Read More »
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This Week's Tech Tips
  Mon: How To: A Quick Way to Clean Up Any Mix  
  Back when the majority of music was recorded on analog tape, little to no information was actually recorded below 30Hz or so. Fast forward to the digital age and now every bit (no pun intended) of every frequency is captured all the way down to 0Hz. Where this sometimes becomes a problem is with studio users who are monitoring on small speakers, in... Read More »  
  Tue: Angle Ribbon Mics for Safety  
  Q: I love the sound of my ribbon mics, but I am paranoid about using them on kick drum, bass amp, and other sources, because I heard that the mic could be damaged. Should I be worried about my mics? A: Ribbon mics sound great on just about any source. But most ribbon mics are sensitive to air blasts, so you are right to be concerned — an inopportune... Read More »  
  Wed: Should I Use High-pass and Low-pass Filters When Mixing?  
  Q: I saw the Tech Tip about using a high-pass filter when mixing to clean up the low end. Should I also be using a low-pass filter to clean up the high end? A: If there is noise or other problematic material in the highs that you would like to remove, then a low-pass filter may be of benefit. However, it is often harder to clean up the highs using a filter... Read More »  
  Thu: Moog Sub Phatty Editor v1.1.0  
  Moog has released version 1.1.0 of the Sub Phatty Editor. The new update adds AAX support, and includes various fixes for both the Mac and Windows versions. Note: If you own Sub Phatty serial #2892 or below you must update your firmware in order to use the editor. The firmware and installation instructions are included in the download. If you own Sub Phatty... Read More »  
  Fri: SoundToys Announces v4.4  
  SoundToys has released version 4.4 of their award-winning effects plug-ins. The new versions add 64-bit VST support for the Mac and native AAX support on Windows. This brings full 64-bit support to most SoundToys plug-ins including EchoBoy, Decapitator, Crystallizer, FilterFreak, Tremolator, PhaseMistress, PanMan, MicroShift, Radiator, and Devil-Loc. Read More »  
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This Week's Glossary Words
Grot Box
Solid-state Hard Drive
Solid-state Drive
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