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Weekly Roundup for December 13, 2013
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  Mesa/Boogie King Snake Limited

1971 was a watershed year for guitar tone — that was the year that Carlos Santana performed a concert at the Budokan hall in...
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This Week's Top News
  Dylan’s Strat Sets Record for Most Expensive Guitar 
"The Day Dylan Went Electric" — July 25, 1965 — is a date that lives in infamy for many acoustic music fans. Though conflicting stories are told about the event... Read More »
  Video » Sonnett EchoExpress III-D and III-R Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis Overview 
Learn more about the EchoExpress at Sweetwater here: Greg LaPort from Sonnett Technologies presents their EchoExpress III-D and III-R Thunderbolt expansion chassis. Check out... Read More »
  Video » Hammond Digital Leslie Pedal Demo – Sweetwater Guitars and Gear, Vol. 59 
Get the Hammond Digital Leslie pedal at Sweetwater here: Mitch Gallagher demonstrates the Digital Leslie Pedal from Hammond, which emulates the sound of four classic Leslie... Read More »
  Video » Bakithi Kumalo Workshop Presented by Kala U Bass 
Check out the Bakithi Kumalo Signature U Bass at Sweetwater here: Virtuoso bassist Bakithi Kumalo -- perhaps best known as the bass player on Paul Simon's Graceland album, and... Read More »
  L.R. Baggs Announces Classical Guitar Pickup 
Truly natural-sounding amplification for a nylon-string classical guitar is difficult to achieve. Or at least it was difficult to achieve, before L.R. Baggs announced the new... Read More »
  2014 Grammy Production Nominations 
The Recording Academy has announced nominations for the 56th Annual Grammy Awards. Among the production (engineering, production, mastering, remixing) nominee categories were:... Read More »
  Video » Mitch Gallagher’s Home Studio Tour Excerpt – Sweetwater Minute Vol. 219 
Visit Sweetwater's inSync resource center for more information on choosing the right audio equipment: David Stewart, Senior VP of Sales at Sweetwater, sits down with Mitch... Read More »
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This Week's Tech Tips
  Mon: Audio Ease Altiverb 7.1 Released  
  Audio Ease has released version 7.1 of Altiverb 7. The new version includes 64-bit AAX support for Pro Tools 11, as well as improved graphics when used with Apple Retina displays. This version requires an iLok 2 USB key; it will not work with older iLoks. Read More »  
  Tue: Universal Audio 64-bit AAX Public Beta Released  
  Universal Audio has released a public beta version for Mac of UAD software 7.4.1 for UAD-2 PCI cards, UAD-2 Satellite, and Apollo and Apollo 16 audio interfaces. (A Windows 7 version is said to be on the way in early 2014.) The big news in this release is support for Pro Tools 11 64-bit AAX plug-in format. Note that OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) with Pro Tools... Read More »  
  Wed: Boost and Attenuate on Pultec EQs  
  Q: I'm trying to figure out how to use my Pultec-style EQ plug-ins, and I don't get why there is both boost and attenuate for the bass band. Don't they just cancel each out? A: The boost and attenuate controls on a Pultec EQ are not exactly the same, so they do not cancel each other. The filter response for the two is different, so when both are used... Read More »  
  Thu: Marshall MKI or MKII?  
  Q: Why do some Marshall amps have a "MKII" on the front panel (such as the 1987X), when there doesn't seem to ever have been a "MKI" version of the amp? A: The story we have heard is that on older Marshall amps, "MKI" (taken from Jim Marshall/Ken Bran, the designers) denotes a prototype amplifier,¬†while "MKII" denotes a production amp. Read More »  
  Fri: Should I Boost or Cut EQ?  
  Q: I keep reading and hearing that I should only cut with my EQ. But it seems like I naturally want to boost a lot of the time. And, when I watch other engineers, they're boosting all over the place. Is boosting totally wrong with an EQ? A: The rule of thumb that many experts espouse — and we've said it here at inSync — is that cutting with an EQ... Read More »  
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This Week's Glossary Words
Frequency Band
Graphic EQ
Audio Frequency
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