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Weekly Roundup for September 13, 2013
Feature Story
  Avid Debuts New S6 Control Surfaces

Avid has launched an entirely new family of control surfaces today, the S6. S6 is a brand-new system built on technology developed for...
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This Week's Top News
  Video » Dr. Epiphone Interview – Guitars and Gear Vol. 46 
Check out Epiphone guitars at Sweetwater here: Mitch interviews Dr. Epiphone (AKA Will Jones), who visited Sweetwater for a special guitar workshop sponsored by Epiphone... Read More »
  Korg Launches New Products 
Korg has released a flurry of new products, covering a broad range of categories: Pitchblack Pro — rackmount tuner and cable checker with regular, strobe, and... Read More »
  Focal Spirit Professional 
If you're looking for headphones for use in your studio, then your requirements go beyond normal "consumer" phones. You need accuracy, uncolored sound, natural dynamics, and... Read More »
  Yamaha Announces CP4 Digital Piano 
Brand new from Yamaha is the CP4 digital piano — acclaimed by the company as the best stage piano they have ever made. Designed from the ground up for ease of use... Read More »
  Vox Introduces Night Train G2 Amps 
Introducing the newest members of Vox's Night Train family, the Night Train G2 heads and combo! For the new amps, the amps have been revoiced for enhanced tone and onboard... Read More »
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This Week's Tech Tips
  Mon: Sonnox Announces 64-bit AAX Compatibility  
  Sonnox has announced 64-bit AAX compatibility for five of their plug-ins in Pro Tools 11. The plug-ins currently supporting 64-bit AAX operation include Oxford EQ, Dynamics, Inflator, TransMod and, Oxford Limiter. Additional Sonnox 64-bit AAX-compatible plug-ins will be released through the end of 2013. Read More »  
  Tue: Waves Releases 64-bit AAX Native Plug-ins  
  Waves has released 64-bit AAX native versions of their plug-ins for use in Pro Tools 11. Customers with active WUP coverage will receive the AAX versions for free. Waves V9r13 must already be installed in order to install the new version. Pro Tools 11 is also required for 64-bit AAX native compatibility. Read More »  
  Wed: Why 18 Volts?  
  Q: I've seen some new guitar pedals, such as the Pigtronix Quantum Time Modulator, that require 18-volt power supplies (as opposed to the 9-volt supplies used by most pedals). Why do they use higher voltage than other pedals? A: In the case of the Quantum and many other stompboxes, the reason for the 18-volt power supply is to allow for higher headroom... Read More »  
  Thu: How to Clean Acoustic Panels  
  Q: I have Auralex 2'x4'x2" ProPanels (which are cloth-covered glass fiber acoustic panels) that I've used in a couple of my studios. It took a while to build my new studio, and while I did, the ProPanels were stored. They got quite dusty and because they were stacked, some of the glass fiber got onto the cloth covering. Is there an easy way to get these... Read More »  
  Fri: Celemony Updates Melodyne for AAX  
  Celemony has released a new version of Melodyne for Pro Tools 11 that supports 64-bit AAX operation. According to the company, the new version provides gains in terms of both performance and reliability, especially when correcting and optimizing longer recordings. Various other fixes and enhancements are also included. The update is free of charge for users... Read More »  
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This Week's Glossary Words
Transformer Core
Core Saturation
Transformer Saturation
Female Connector
Male Connector
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