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Weekly Roundup for June 21, 2013
Feature Story
  Samsung and Jay-Z Cross Promote

Samsung has purchased one million copies of Jay-Z's upcoming album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, and will release the copies to Samsung...
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This Week's Top News
  Video » GearFest ’13 Preview with Mitch Gallagher 
Learn more about the presenters, seminars, and workshops at GearFest '13 right here: Mitch Gallagher gives you a sneak peek of GearFest '13 right here at Sweetwater... Read More »
  Preserving Endangered Sounds for Future Generations 
As technology marches on, a problem is created: the world is in danger of losing forever some of the iconic sounds of past technologies. To combat this, the online Museum of... Read More »
  Video » iOS Update – Vol. 45, Line 6 Sonic Port Interface and Mobile POD App Demo 
Learn more about the Line 6 Sonic Port right here: Check out Mobile POD and other music-related apps right here: In this iOS Update, Mitch starts off with a demo of the Line 6... Read More »
  Video » KRK VXT Series Studio Monitors Overview 
Learn even more about the VXT Series of studio monitors right here: Nils Karsten from Gibson Pro Audio presents an overview of the KRK VXT Series of studio monitors, which... Read More »
  Video » Guitars and Gear Vol. 36 – 65amps Interview with Dan Boul 
Check out 65amps amplifiers right here: Mitch Gallagher sits down with Dan Boul from 65amps to talk about what inspired these amplifiers, and what makes them ideal amplifiers... Read More »
  Video » KRK Rokit Powered 10-3 Studio Monitors Overview 
Learn even more about the KRK Rokit Powered 10-3 studio monitors right here: Nils Karsten from Gibson Pro Audio gives a detailed overview of the KRK Rokit Powered 10-3 studio... Read More »
  GearFest Opens Tomorrow! 
The tents are set up. The manufacturers are here. The celebrity artists and engineers and producers are arriving, eagerly anticipating giving their workshops and demos. Table... Read More »
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This Week's Tech Tips
  Mon: Jam Along with iTunes in Line 6 Mobile POD  
  One of the great things about the new Line 6 Sonic Port guitar interface for iOS is that it comes with a free Mobile POD app, which gives you the power of a POD running in your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. A feature that many people miss is that you can play back songs from your iTunes library in Mobile POD and jam along with them on your guitar — a... Read More »  
  Tue: Can I Plug a Mini DisplayPort Monitor into a Thunderbolt Port?  
  Q: Someone told me I can plug a regular Mini DisplayPort computer monitor into a Thunderbolt port on my Mac and it will work. Is this true? A: It is true! The Mini DisplayPort format uses the same connector type as Thunderbolt, and there is support for one monitor or a Mini DisplayPort-to-HDMI or -VGA adapter when connected directly to the Mac's Thunderbolt... Read More »  
  Wed: Ableton Push Tutorial Videos Posted to SweetCare  
  Ableton's Push hardware control surface for Ableton Live 9 software is an amazing piece of gear. To call it a "control surface" is actually selling it short; Push is a full-fledged instrument that will drive your creativity to new heights. To help you get the most out of this powerful piece of gear, we've posted six great tutorial videos (courtesy of... Read More »  
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This Week's Glossary Words
Floating Floor
Phosphor Bronze
Split Screen
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