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Weekly Roundup for June 7, 2013
Feature Story
  Roland Launches Official Synth Tone Library Site

Roland has launched a brand-new site, named "Axial," where you can download new sounds for Roland synthesizers, including the...
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This Week's Top News
  Jamming With The Eiffel Tower 
Only a musician or composer would gaze upon the Eiffel Tower in Paris and see not an amazing structure comprised of steel girders, but a grand musical instrument! New... Read More »
  Have You Made Your Plans for GearFest ’13? 
Two days of music and pro audio gear heaven are approaching fast! GearFest 2013 takes place June 21 and 22, 2013, right here on the Sweetwater campus. This year's GearFest is... Read More »
  Video » iOS Update – Vol. 43, Novation Launchkey App and Metronome+ Update 
Check out Launchkey and other music-related apps right here: Learn more about the Launchkey 49 keyboard controller right here: In this episode, Mitch shows off the innovative... Read More »
  Social Media Tips 
For musicians, social media is a huge deal. It's a way to stay in contact with fans, to reach out to the world, to attract new fans, and to (hopefully) increase attendance at... Read More »
  Video » Sweetwater’s Technology Showcase – Vol. 2, Avid S3L System Overview 
Learn even more about the Avid S3L System right here: Robert Scovill, Senior Market Specialist for Avid and accomplished live sound engineer, presents the innovative Avid S3L... Read More »
  All About Roland V-Drums 
What's the difference between the Roland TD-11K and TD-11KV? How many percussion sounds does the TD-4 kit offer? What kind of audio output jacks does the HD-3 kit have? For... Read More »
  Video » Genelec M030AM Studio Monitors Overview 
Learn even more about the Genelec M030AM right here: Paul Stewart, Territory Manager for Genelec, presents an overview of the M030AM studio monitors. Enjoy the demo, then... Read More »
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This Week's Tech Tips
  Mon: How to Use Rob Papen Virtual Instruments Without A DAW  
  Ever want to fire up your Rob Papen virtual instruments without loading your DAW? Certainly this would be a great capability for live performance and for playing parts "live" in the studio, and for just messing around with Papen's amazing synths! Now you can use Rob Papen's synths standalone via the free RP-Dock, a host application for Mac (32 bit) and PC... Read More »  
  Tue: Should I Top Wrap My Les Paul?  
  Q: I read that Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top "top wraps" the strings on his Les Paul. What is this, exactly, and should I be doing it?? A: Top wrapping is bringing the guitar strings into the stop tailpiece of the guitar from the front, rather than the rear, then wrapping them up and over the tailpiece to pass over the Tune-O-Matic bridge. Top wrapping reduces... Read More »  
  Wed: Can I Use the Fishman TriplePlay with my iPad?  
  Q: I love my Fishman TriplePlay and use it with my laptop all the time. I was wondering, can I plug it into my iPad? A: Good news: the TriplePlay wireless MIDI pickup is class compliant, which means that it can plug into most computers and, yes, an iPad, without need for any drivers. We've tried it, and it works great with the iPad! Read More »  
  Thu: Do I Need an Adapter to Use the IK Multimedia iRig HD?  
  Q: I have an iPad with the Lightning connector. Will I need an adapter to use the new IK Multimedia iRig HD? A: No. The iRig HD comes with three cables: one with a 30-pin connector for older iOS devices, one with a Lightning connector for newer iOS devices, and one with a USB connector for use with computers. No adapters required! Read More »  
  Fri: Can I Connect the Fishman TriplePlay by USB?  
  Q: The Fishman TriplePlay wireless MIDI pickup comes with a USB cable. Can I use this to connect to a computer and not use the wireless part? A: The USB cable included with the TriplePlay is for charging the TriplePlay control unit/transmitter mounted on the guitar. It does not carry MIDI data or other signals. The TriplePlay can be charged, using this... Read More »  
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Host Application
Snapshot Recall
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