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Weekly Roundup for May 17, 2013
Feature Story
  Focusrite Debuts Two New Scarlett Audio Interfaces

Focusrite has expanded the Scarlett family of USB 2.0 audio interfaces with the new Scarlett 18i8 and Scarlett 6i6. Both feature...
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This Week's Top News
  1969: Hendrix Invites McCartney to Join Super Group 
From the "Did You Know?" files: In 1969, Jimi Hendrix was known to have jammed informally with Miles Davis. It is also known that Hendrix was looking to expand his horizons... Read More »
  Hear The Oldest English Grand Piano 
Ever wonder what the oldest surviving grand piano in the UK sounds like? Thanks to BBC Radio, you can hear the piano in action, along with a description of the piano and how... Read More »
  Video » Guitars and Gear Vol. 22 – Rivera RockCrusher Recording Power Attenuator/Speaker Emulator Demo 
Check out the RockCrusher Recording in more detail right here: Mitch Gallagher sits down with Paul Rivera Jr. from Rivera Amplification to demonstrate the Rivera RockCrusher... Read More »
  “Space Oddity” Recorded in Space 
It seems only appropriate: Canadian astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield has recorded a video of David Bowie's "Space Oddity" on the International Space Station. Hadfield is... Read More »
  Video » Peavey BTS 2.2 Wireless Music Player Demo by Daniel Fisher 
Check out the Peavey BTS 2.2 music player right here: Daniel Fisher demonstrates the cool BTS 2.2 wireless music player by Peavey. It quickly became a favorite around the... Read More »
  Video » BOSS DA-2 Adaptive Distortion Pedal Demo by Pete Thorn 
Learn more about the BOSS DA-2 Adaptive Distortion right here: Guitarist Pete Thorn puts the BOSS DA-2 Adaptive Distortion pedal to the test. Enjoy the demo, then learn more... Read More »
  Video » Daking MicPre 500 Module Overview 
Learn more about the MicPre 500 module right here: Geoff Daking presents his MicPre 500 module for 500 Series racks. Enjoy the overview, then learn even more about the MicPre... Read More »
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This Week's Tech Tips
  Mon: Free Waldorf Rocket Control App  
  The Waldorf Rocket is an incredibly popular and powerful synth, combining digital waveforms with an analog filter. The compact Rocket is USB-driven and features a fast, easy user interface based on the front panel designed by synth guru Alex Hartmann. But there's more lurking beneath that stylish front panel than you might expect! That's where the new Rocket... Read More »  
  Tue: Lynx LT-HD Firmware Revision 11 and Aurora Firmware Revision 28  
  The newest firmware for the Lynx LT-HD and Aurora converters allows even easier operation with Avid Pro Tools HDX systems and includes a variety of fixes and enhancements. Primary changes include: The loop sync feature has been refined to operate via Pro Tools control. There is now a switch that enables/disables loop sync mode. Accessing dual wire operation... Read More »  
  Wed: Arturia Releases Oberheim SEM V and Wurlitzer-V Updates  
  Arturia has released version 1.1.6 of Oberheim SEM V and version 1.0.5 of Wurlitzer-V. Both updates are focused on improved performance and stability, and MIDI enhancements. Both updates are free downloads. Read More »  
  Thu: How Do I Use the Shure VP88 for M/S Stereo?  
  Q: I don't quite understand how the Shure VP88 microphone works for mid-side recording. How do I get the left/right part of the "side" out? A: You can use the VP88 in two ways, either with an external mid-side matrix or with the mic's internal M/S matrix. There is a four position switch for configuring this on the mic body. Here is what the four positions... Read More »  
  Fri: Can Propellerhead Reason Use Multiple Hardware Audio Outputs?  
  Q: Can Propellerhead Reason use multiple audio outputs, or is it limited to stereo? A: Absolutely! If your audio interface has multiple audio outputs, you can access them from within Reason. Read More »  
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This Week's Glossary Words
  Pitch Wheel  
  Modulation Wheel  
  Filter Cutoff Frequency  
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