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Earthworks Sigma6.2 Review

The experience is amazing.

If you’re a mastering engineer or if you’re audiophile like myself, then these speakers are for you! At home, I hooked them up to a high end Sony ES receiver, using high end Monster interconnects between my Sony SACD player and the receiver. The best way to test a speaker is in the dark, so that is exactly how I did it. I turned off the lights and pressed play on the SACD player. The things that I heard were far beyond the placement of my speakers. There was sound in front of me, behind the speakers and behind me. The imaging and detail in the midrange is superb, very transparent and clear. These speakers don’t produce a wall of mush like most bookshelf speakers. As a matter of fact, I urge you not to call them bookshelf speakers. The bass response is punchy, tight and clear. When playing my pipe organ track from the SACD I had, the bass was deep enough to handle the low notes of the organ, yet the midrange and the highs were distinct enough to not be squashed by the bass. The experience is amazing. I had goose bumps and it wasn’t because I keep my house at 60 degrees.

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