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Dangerous Music D-Box Review

Since the dawn of DAW standalone consoles and programs, the recording world has been shaken and rocked in many different ways! In the earlier days of recording sound equipment could cost anywhere from $20,000 to $200,000 just to own – not including the money you pay to learn the skill sets of how to use this highly expensive gear. Artists today can set up a comparable professional audio studio in their own house without the overhead of high hourly rates. You can be your own sound engineer and realize the fullest potential of your artistic abilities in the comfort of your living room!

Some people debate the merits of mixing or summing in the digital realm. Some argue that when you mix in digital you lose the necessary headroom to successfully create a great mix. There is an argument to be had, with benefits and drawbacks on both sides. It really comes down to personal preference. If you have trained yourself to mix in the domain of digital and do not wish to mix in analog, then by all means don’t change to “jump on the band wagon.”

However, if you enjoy the sound of analog mixing, or the “hands-on” feel that you can get by using analog hardware, have I got a piece for you! Allow me to introduce the Dangerous Music D-Box analog summing bus and monitor controller.
You can clean up mixes almost instantly (and save a little set up time) right out of the box! Imagine getting a better idea of where your vocals are placed in your stereo mix, or really getting a good feel for how your drums are mixed down. It’s all right here in the D-Box.

With D-Box you gain a monstrous 6dB of gain which will bring you back to unity analog gain just by using this awesome piece of gear. Make no mistake about it, after you add this piece to your rig, you will mix better than ever before in just a short period of time. Try one out today. I used it for one day and now the craving won’t go away! I encourage you to test one for yourself and see if you don’t hear the difference!

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