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Dan Dean Productions Solo Woodwind

Dan Dean Productions just sent us two great new sound collections specifically for Gigasampler. The Solo Woodwind and Solo Strings CD-ROMs were both meticulously created to be as true as possible to the original sounds, and the detail really is extraordinary. Each and every note of the instruments are true throughout the entire range of all of the instruments. This creates a smoother, more “organic” sound.

Access Music has unveiled the Virus C Series, which consists of new versions of every model in their synthesizer line, each equipped with a new generation of Motorola processor. According to them, the C Series significantly outperforms its predecessors in the DSP arena, with 32 voice polyphony, more effects, an expanded modulation matrix, undo/redo capability, and a redesigned user interface. The Virus C Series includes four new models: the Virus C Desktop, Virus kc, Indigo 2, and Virus Rack XL.

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