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Customer Studio Showcase: Scott Pergande and The MixHouse Studio

Located in the heart of Boise, Idaho, The MixHouse Studio fits its surroundings perfectly. Owner Scott Pergande explains, “Boise has a great music scene, and the city and people are amazing. The city is mid-sized, and the pace is right for me, big enough for the necessities and small enough for the quality.” Pergande began operating the studio full-time out of his garage in 2003. Since then, he has moved to a dedicated site and has turned The MixHouse into a fully featured facility. “We do producing, recording, editing, mixing, and mastering for artists and bands. We do quite a bit of recording for video and radio as well. We have four live rooms and three separate control rooms for mixing and tracking and one for film/video post.”

Pergande points to his favorite studio toys. “For mixing, I use a hybrid system: Pro Tools, Apogee converters, and an SPL MixDream for analog summing. I’ve been mixing a lot of pop-rock lately, so I’m loving my API 2500 for a little parallel compression on the drum bus. The Crane Song STC-8 is my go-to bus compressor on most mixes.” Pergande uses several popular plug-ins but points to the SoundToys Echo Boy as a particular favorite. He also relies on Focal Solo 6Be monitors. “[Sweetwater Sales Engineer] David Hess told me I should check them out, and I have to say I love these speakers.”

Speaking of his Sales Engineer, Pergande relies on Hess for gear advice. “David has been my ‘silent partner’ in building the studio. I’ve worked with him for over ten years now. He’s been extremely helpful and insightful when it comes to buying gear. I’ve learned to trust his opinions, because I know he’s had his hands on, better yet, his ears in front of the gear I am inquiring about.”

What’s in the future for Pergande and his studio? “I’m getting more and more calls for custom music and post audio sweetening for film and video, so I’m expanding in this area,” he says. Pergande is also looking to expand his weekly “in session” training classes. “We want to remain a viable resource for our local community, as well as the outside world.”

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