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Customer Profile: Zeph Daniel and Zedjah Studios, NM

Zeph Daniel

Welcome to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where Zeph Daniel happily toils away in his year-old Zedjah Studios. A drummer and multi-instrumentalist, Daniel initially got into recording in 2005.  As Daniel gained experience, he obtained more gear — but he ultimately wasn’t satisfied with his “hodge podge” of equipment, so he called Sweetwater. A year later, his acoustically treated studio space is guaranteed to make gearheads drool. Based around a Pro Tools|HD system, the studio incorporates an arsenal of analog outboard gear. Daniel is especially fond of his array of 500 Series modules. “The 500 Series gear instantly made the studio more awesome,” he says. He also points to his Dangerous, Manley, Shadow Hills, and Universal Audio pieces.

Zedjah has also been getting good use out of a Pro Tools-based mobile system. “With the mobile rig,” Daniel says, “We’re not tethered to one place. We can go off site and record parts.” The rig (outfitted with a Dangerous D-Box, 500 Series modules, Focal monitors, and an API Lunchbox) completely integrates with the main studio when it’s not out on location.

Daniel admits that the learning curve has been steep. He credits Sweetwater Sales Engineers Jared Kalish and Rob Russell for guiding him through the process. “A lot of people may have the means to put a studio together, but they end up throwing in the towel because they don’t have the kind of resources Sweetwater provides.” Kalish appreciates Daniel’s enthusiasm. “It’s been so much fun working with Zeph over the past year. The most gratifying part of a studio design like this for me, though, is seeing the improvement and progression in my client’s work and passion.”

Daniel is already at work on Zedjah’s further growth. He attended GearFest ’13 and took advantage of all the expertise on hand to assemble an even more portable “micro rig.” In addition, he plans to construct a more “traditional” tracking space for Zedjah in the near future. “This is what I want to do,” he says with satisfaction. “I’m never happier than when I’m in that control room.” Find out more about Zeph Daniel and Zedjah at Carovamedia.com.

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