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Crank Up Your Site with a Better “About” Page

As musicians and engineers, many of us don’t enjoy the “sales” part of what we do — but “sales” is a massive part of being a success in this industry (whether we know it or not) — getting gigs, getting press, attracting fans, selling merchandise, downloads, and CDs; it all requires sales. If part of your success strategy is a website (and for just about all of us, it is a major component), then making sure that your site sells you and what you do properly is vital. We’re not talking about the cliche sales tactics, we’re talking about letting your customers (your fans) know who you are, what you do, what you offer, where you came from, and where you’re going — and why they should care (and spend their hard-earned dollars and time with you). All of that information can be conveyed in a well-crafted “about” page on your site.

This article from Entrepreneur magazine will give you insight into three critical factors in crafting your “about” page.

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