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Cool Tool: Triad-Orbit Grav Bags

Is there a more awful feeling than watching a microphone topple over on a stand that’s either too light to support it or that was knocked over inadvertently? Whether it’s an inexpensive mic or a priceless gem, protect those mics — and keep them firmly in position by weighting down your stands with Triad-Orbit Grav Bags. The GB-3 Grav Bag is a set of three weighted bags; each weighing 3.3 pounds. Pile all three on the base of your stand, slip them over the ends of a tripod stand’s legs like booties (a very cool feature), whatever it takes to keep your stand stable and upright, no matter the circumstance.

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  • Triad-Orbit GB-3 Grav Bags Ballast Bags
    Triad-Orbit GB-3 Grav Bags Ballast Bags Set of Three Weighted Bags for Stabilizing Tripod Mic Stands, 3.3 lbs. Each Get these Triad-Orbit GB-3 Grav Bags ballast bags for some serious peace of mind in your studio or onstage. Every engineer at Sweetwater knows that no matter how...
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