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Clavia Nord Stage 88 Review

This is the ultimate all-in-one keyboard for the vintage keyboard enthusiast.

When I took the Nord Stage out of the box I could immediately tell this was built for heavy touring. The Swiss Metallic chassis gave it a very sturdy and road worthy feel. After turning the Nord on and allowing its internal computer to load I was immediately able to hear an incredible piano preset. The piano sound was a lot different than most digital stage pianos I had played. The Nord was a lot warmer and not overly pristine sounding like most stage pianos. It provides a very natural acoustic response, and you could hear the body of the samples, especially when toggling between the two different grand and upright options.

At first glance, especially not being a heavy keyboardist myself the Nord can seem intimidating, but after a further examination it’s a amazing how quickly you can begin manipulating the different sections for instant results. It’s actually quite visual and analog in its approach. Coming from a guitarist it seemed much like a pedal effects chain. Every patch and section on the Nord sounds very warm, which aids in its second-to-none selection of vintage electric keyboards and organs. The Farfisa and Vox organs are truly the most authentic I’ve ever heard, as well as most of the other options. This is truly Clavia’s top of the line Nord. it’s like having a Nord lead and an Electro under the guise of a magnificent stage piano. This is the ultimate all-in-one keyboard for the vintage keyboard enthusiast, and for those looking for incredible analog sounding effects with a very warm synthesizer.

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