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Clavia Nord Modular G2 Keyboard Review

It will make every other synth in the rack obsolete.

In this world of soft-synths and plug-ins I am always looking for a way to shelter my poor old laptop from over exertion. It is true that I had some really bad experiences doing live shows with this old computer and that I am always looking for nice hardware when the tide is turning to soft everything.

Needless to say the NordModG2 is right up my alley. Never mind that I have been a huge fan of the Nord oscillators and filters before my adventures with this synth or that the patch-working capabilities are larger than life. If we can, just for a few moments, ignore the fact that it excels at the fatty bass sounds and searing leads you would expect from a synth of this sort, and even overlook the acoustic guitars, pianos, organs and bells that are factory patches in this thing. Ignoring ALL those things, you STILL can run your drums, vocals or jug blowing through this as a very impressive effects unit. Friends, we’re not talking just reverbs and delays, we’re talking vocoders, filters (the likes of which man does not deserve to explore) modulations of every variety and CONTROL. Every parameter you could want to twist and contort is knob assignable for your real time revelry.

The GUI is easy to get around on and lives right next door to nothing on CPU usage avenue. On this old 1GHz laptop with 384MB I had Nuendo with several Waves plugs and Reason running alongside the NordMod Editor with no issues at all. Installing the software was a cinch and updating the synth was all but automatic. Believe it or not, the manual was not only useful, but was informative, describing why one form of synthesis would be better suited to a specific application and actually walking through how to build a patch that utilized that style.

I don’t care if you are doing sound design for a prime-time suspense/thriller or if you are doing bleeding edge remix work you deserve this synth. It will make every other synth in the rack obsolete. This is the closest many of us will ever come to rewiring a hot sports car, and believe me, it is just as red and can rev, growl or screech just as well.

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