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Changing the Velocity Levels for an Entire Track in Garage Band

Not every keyboard controller outputs a high MIDI level without slamming hard on the notes (this isn’t a technique you normally work to perfect). If you play back your latest Garage Band masterpiece and find that in some cases, the velocity levels of your note events in the Track Editor are low (and perhaps don’t trigger velocity-switched sample sets), there’s an easy way to fix that. Scroll through the Track Editor and you’ll see that the lighter the gray shade, the lower the velocity level. Click the note events to find a MIDI velocity level of about 50. Now press Command-A to select all the notes in the region. The gray bars should turn green. Now type a value of 70 into the Velocity Field and hit Return. The velocity level of all the notes have been increased by a value of 20. Using this method, you can change velocity values of large numbers of notes at one time. Of course, you can also choose to adjust the velocity level of each note individually.

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