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Tech Tips

inSync Tech Tips cover over 4,800 music and audio topics spanning 15 years of technological development. Look here to find answers to your tech questions, cool tips and tools for making music, and more.

Recording Tech Tips

Pigtronix Updates Infinity Looper to v2.0

Pigtronix has updated their powerful Infinity Looper to version 2.0. This firmware update offers significant new features: 50 presets — Up to 100 loops maximumMinimum Loop Time — 10ms shortest... Read more »

Noise Removal: Leave “Handlebars”

Sometimes, noise is inescapable. If you're recording in a noisy rehearsal studio, making a recording on a busy street or the like, background noise simply comes with the environment. Thankfully, these days software... Read more »

Slate Digital Introduces Slate Remote for Batch Commander and Raven

Slate Digital's Batch Commander lets you create macros and single-button automated actions for use with Logic, Pro Tools, and the Slate Media Technology Raven Control Surface. With the introduction of Slate Remote... Read more »

Positive Grid Brings Amp Match Feature to iOS Apps

Positive Grid, makers of BIAS Desktop Pro and BIAS Desktop, have made headlines by bringing amp-matching technology to a DAW plug-in and their proprietary ToneCloud. Now they have updated their two iOS apps, JamUp... Read more »

Mixing Tip: Get the Mix Right before Adding Effects or Signal Processing

When you start mixing, if you have an idea for a specific track, it's tempting to go ahead and start processing that track. But many times you're better off waiting, and trying to get the entire mix sounding as... Read more »

Waves Updates Tracks Live

Waves has updated Tracks Live, their multitrack recording software designed to capture live performances. This update includes many bug fixes and performance enhancements. In addition, it includes the following new... Read more »

Does Mono Compatibility Matter Anymore?

The short answer is: yes. It's true, these days everyone listens to music on earbuds, and even the cheap external speakers in your tablet or phone are stereo. So it might be tempting to think that with no real mono... Read more »

Q: What is the Difference Between an “Effect” and a “Processor”?

Many people use the two terms interchangeably. But if we're going to get picky about it, we'd say an "effect" treats your audio, in effect adding its own signal to the existing signal (such as a delay effect that... Read more »

Elektron launches Overbridge Public Beta

If you've wanted to seamlessly integrate your Elektron Analog Keys, Analog Four, and/or Analog Rytm hardware with your DAW, now is your chance. Elektron has released Overbridge, a VST and AU plug-in for Mac OS X and... Read more »

Q: What is “Frequency Bracketing?”

Frequency bracketing, sometimes referred to as just "bracketing," is restricting the frequency content of an audio signal by applying steep shelving high- and low-pass filters to it, effectively removing all of its... Read more »

Should I Compress Vocals During Recording or Wait for Mixdown?

The short answer is: yes, no, sure, both. The longer answer is a bit more complicated, and depends on various factors. On one side, some engineers prefer to track without any compression, because once a track is... Read more »

Compression Making Your Tracks Noisy?

Compression doesn't just clamp down on signal whose level is over a certain threshold; using a compressor effectively brings up signal under a threshold (since with the dynamic range reduced, you can increase the... Read more »

Cakewalk Releases “Everett” Update to SONAR

Cakewalk has unveiled a new release to the Cakewalk SONAR membership program, named "Everett." The update features the brand-new Drum Replacer for SONAR Platinum. It also includes the Rapture Kick Start Expansion... Read more »

Should I Record to an External Hard Drive?

Q: I know that "traditionally" we've been told to record to a separate hard drive from the computer's system hard drive. Is this still necessary? My laptop's solid-state hard drive is smokin' fast, it seems like I... Read more »

Flux Loudness Management Software Now Includes AAX Version

Flux realtime and offline loudness management software now ships AAX DSP versions with all software purchases. If you already own the AAX version, you can get an additional authorization for free, so you can, for... Read more »

Effects Tip: Dirty Up Your Reverb with a Bit Crusher

These days, nearly all digital reverb pedals, and all plug-in reverbs, offer pristine full-range, 24-bit sound quality. But in the early days of digital, reverbs were often limited to 12- and sometimes 8-bit... Read more »

Wave Arts Tube Saturator Plug-in Updated to v2

Wave Arts has released Tube Saturator 2, the next version of their Tube Saturator plug-in. Version 2 retains the analog tube preamp simulation with 3-band Baxandall-type EQ from the first version, but for version 2... Read more »

Komplete Kontrol S-Series Controller Software Updated to Version 1.1

Native instruments has updated the software running their Komplete Kontrol S-Series controllers to version 1.1. New in this version: Route and record the MIDI output from Komplete Kontrol's Smart Play functions into... Read more »

Native Instruments Maschine Updated to Version 2.3

Native Instruments has released a free update to Maschine, bringing it to version 2.3. The new update is chock full of features and improvements: New cymbal drum synth and hi-hat engine New snare and tom drum synth... Read more »

PreSonus Releases Audiobox VSL Update for Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite

PreSonus have updated the Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite drivers for the AudioBox VSL series that resolves a firmware update failure issue with 1.3 build 5653. This driver update offers the following bug fixes: AudioBox... Read more »

Universal Audio Releases UAD Software Update v8.1

Universal Audio has included support for three new plug-ins in UAD software version 8.1. The new Neve 88RS channel strip plug-in replaces the legacy version, and includes Unison mic preamp modeling for use in the... Read more »

Q: How Should I Adjust Compressor Plug-in Settings?

DAWs these days give you amazing visual displays of your audio material. This has revolutionized the way that music can be edited and created. But you hear a lot of advice to "mix with your ears" and to "let your... Read more »

Blue Cat Audio Updates MB-7 Mixer plug-in to v2.5

Blue Cat Audio has released an update for their MB-7 seven-band multi-band mixing plug-in, bringing it to version 2.5. The update includes: Support for external side chain, which can be used by sub plug-ins on each... Read more »

Softube Announces Update for Console 1

Softube has announced a free update that's chock full of user requests to their Console 1 hybrid software/hardware mixing system. New to this update is a much-requested FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) frequency... Read more »