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Tech Tips

inSync Tech Tips cover over 4,800 music and audio topics spanning 15 years of technological development. Look here to find answers to your tech questions, cool tips and tools for making music, and more.

Latest Tech Tips

Cakewalk Releases SONAR 2016.09 Update

Cakewalk has updated SONAR to version 2016.09. The flagship new feature of this update is SONAR's new Plug-In Load Balancing option. This is designed to allow users to tap into the full power of multi-core CPUs to achieve greater processing power in projects. To accomplish this, when possible... Read more »

UVI Updates Falcon to Version 1.2

UVI has released an update to their hybrid instrument Falcon. The new version focuses on delivering new and updated modules, new factory presets, and enhanced functionality. Three new effects have been added including Phasor, an automatic variable 12-order phaser; Phasor Filter, a manual... Read more »

Sonoma Wire Works Updates DrumCore to v4.0.12

Sonoma Wire Works has released an update to DrumCore 4: DrumCore version 4.0.12 fixes the most common issues reported by users with version 4. In addition, a "Show Owned" button has been added to the DrumCore 4 Browser view. This view makes it easy to navigate through what you own versus the... Read more »

Focusrite & macOS 10.12 Sierra

Focusrite has released the following statement regarding compatibility with their products and Apple's macOS Sierra: "Apple has officially released macOS Sierra to the public, introducing a number of new additions to the popular operating system. If you're an Apple user, then, it's natural that... Read more »

Reverb: Before the Amp or in the Loop?

The classic guitar rig setup is to put your reverb in the effects loop of your amplifier. But does this have to be the case? Not necessarily. In fact, for certain tones and some kinds of music, you might just want your reverb up front. For example, in the old days of surf music, the Fender Tube... Read more »

Wave Arts Updates Panorama to v5.8.6

Wave Arts has updated their Panorama 3D audio processor to version 5.8.6. The new version includes the following additions and fixes: The Human and KEMAR HRTFs now support sampling rates of 8, 11.025, 16, and 176.4kHz.The crosstalk canceller now supports sampling rates of 8, 11.025, 16, 176.4... Read more »

Speed Your Workflow With Custom Key Commands

Key commands offer a fast and efficient way to operate your DAW. In fact, nearly all DAWs offer some functions that are only available via key commands, making key commands essential. It can be tricky to remember a lot of key commands, however, and sometimes the default key commands aren't... Read more »

AAS Updates String Studio VS with NKS Support

Applied Acoustic Systems has updated their String Studio VS software synthesizer to version 2.0.4. The new version adds support for Native Instruments NKS format, which allows third-party instruments to automatically map their UI to the hardware controls of the Native Instruments KOMPLETE... Read more »

Mackie Releases Master Fader 4.5

Mackie has released Mackie Master Fader 4.5, their iOS controller app for wireless control over the Mackie AXIS Digital Mixing System comprised of the DL32R, DL1608, and DL806 mixers. This update to the Mackie Master Fader app includes the following enhancements: New reverbs with advanced... Read more »

Synchro Arts Updates VocALign with ARA Integration in Studio One

Synchro Arts VocALign is now available with ARA integration in Studio One Professional. ARA (Audio Random Access) is an extension co-developed by Celemony and PreSonus for audio plug-ins. ARA technology enhances communication between the plug-in and host, no longer requiring audio to be... Read more »

Breaking News: Apogee & macOS 10.12 Sierra and iOS 10

Apogee has posted a comprehensive list of which of their hardware devices support macOS 10.12 Sierra, iOS 10, or both. For those devices compatible with macOS 10.12 Sierra and/or iOS 10, no software updates are required if you are running the latest drivers.

Breaking News: Plugin Alliance & macOS 10.12 Sierra

Plugin Alliance has issued the following statement: "...in our qualification of Apple's new Sierra OS (v10.12) we have discovered serious problems with many Plugin Alliance products that primarily affect customers who use the Audio Units format. Our developers are working hard on a solution... Read more »

Breaking News: Native Instrument Hardware & macOS Sierra

Native Instruments has released the following statement regarding their hardware and macOS 10.12 Sierra: After intensive testing and close collaboration with Apple, we're happy to report full compatibility and highly stable audio performance with all of our current-generation hardware and macOS... Read more »

Native Instruments Releases MASCHINE 2.4.7 Update

Native Instruments has updated MASCHINE to version 2.4.7. In addition to bug fixes, the new version features: Sampler: New slicer layout, "Mono" apply option, non-blocking sample analysis, snap-to-nearest transient slicer featureScene Linking: Easily make changes to repeated Scenes across your... Read more »

Avid Releases Venue 5.3 Software for S6L

Avid has updated the software for its Venue S6L live sound console. New in this version: Record and play back up to 128 Pro Tools tracks over Ethernet AVB. Create and recall up to 24 user-definable fader layouts from the control surface.New Matrix Spill functionality provides quick control of... Read more »

Propellerhead Releases Reason 9.1 Update

Propellerhead has released a free update — version 9.1 — to Reason featuring the addition of Ableton Link support. Ableton Link, introduced in November 2015, allows apps on different devices to play in time with each other, using only a WiFi connection to start on the beat and to... Read more »

Slate Media Technology Releases RAVEN v3.2 for Pro Tools Windows

Slate Media Technology has released their RAVEN 3.2 software for their multi-touch controller for Pro Tools for Windows. This is their first Windows support for RAVEN, and allows Pro Tools users to access the full feature set of the RAVEN controller, including the RAVEN Toolbar, the RAVEN Batch... Read more »

Backward Guitar Recording the Easy Way

The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix both experimented with recording guitars (or other instruments) to a reel of analog tape that had been reversed on the tape recorder. Once the part or parts are recorded, the reel was flipped over to play in the correct direction. When the reverse-recorded parts... Read more »

Native Instruments Releases KONTAKT 5.6

Native Instruments has released a free update to their flagship sampling application, KONTAKT. KONTAKT version 5.6 offers users an updated interface, improved stability, and bug fixes. In addition, it offers developers new KSP features, allowing larger available screen space for user interfaces... Read more »

Yamaha Updates TF-Series Mixer Firmware to 3.00

Yamaha has released new firmware for their TF-series professional mixers. The new version 3.00 firmware features: Full fader views on touch screenAdministrator, guest, and selectable user accessQuickPro presets for Ultimate Ears in-ear monitor productsOffset between stereo and sub Levelsmatrix... Read more »