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Tech Tips

inSync Tech Tips cover over 4,800 music and audio topics spanning 15 years of technological development. Look here to find answers to your tech questions, cool tips and tools for making music, and more.

Latest Tech Tips

Sonoma Wire Works Updates GuitarTone, FourTrack, and StudioTrack iOS Apps

Sonoma Wire Works has updated all three of their iOS apps. The new updates include the following features and fixes: GuitarTone 2.10.2 Update Fixed issue where GuitarJack Model 2 appears as "not supported"Fixed hang when attempting to restore purchases but user doesn't own any productsFixed... Read more »

Waves Updates SoundGrid Software and Hardware

Waves has made several updates to the various hardware and software components of the SoundGrid system. These updates and fixes include: SoundGrid Driver — Fixed installation issues on Windows.SoundGrid Driver — Fixed installation issues (user directory name can now differ from... Read more »

How to Record Vocals in a Large Space

If you have access to a large space to record vocals and a couple of mics, you can get some fantastic results. Tony Visconti used a close mic and a distance mic on David Bowie to get the excellent vocal ambiance in "Heroes" (the effect is re-created in the very cool Tverb plug-in from... Read more »

Native Instruments Releases MASCHINE Software Update

Native Instruments has updated MASCHINE software to version 2.6. The new update brings features previously only available for MASCHINE JAM, and vice versa. MASCHINE 2.6 offers JAM's Variation Engine, which features two unique functions, Humanize and Randomize, to add variety and spontaneity to... Read more »

Sonoma Wire Works Updates DrumCore to v4.1.0

Sonoma Wire Works has released DrumCore v4.1.0. In addition to numerous bug fixes, the update features seven dedicated stereo auxiliary outputs for busing sub-mix channels within a session. The full drum mix is still sent to the main stereo output, while the sub-mixes are routed to the... Read more »

Re-balance Your Mix After Adding Effects

It's usually obvious when you add or remove an effect such as distortion or compression — an effect that affects a track's or channel's volume — you'll also need to adjust the track's or channel's volume fader to keep your mix in balance. But less obvious is that when you add other... Read more »

What Is Speaker Sensitivity?

Nearly every specification chart for a speaker you'll find will list that speaker's sensitivity in decibels. For the most part, sensitivity tells you how much sound pressure level (SPL) a speaker can produce from a 1 watt signal, at a distance of 1 meter. For example, a Celestion G12M-65... Read more »

3 Reasons to Use An EQ Pedal for Guitar or Bass

There are three primary reasons to use an EQ pedal for electric guitar, electric bass, or acoustic guitar: 1. To correct for problems in your instrument, your amp, or the room. For example, a guitar's tone may be too bright, in which case you can tame it with an EQ pedal. Or a bass may lack... Read more »

Do I Need To De-Ess Vocal Tracks?

Q: How important is it to de-ess vocal tracks? A: Ultimately, the answer depends on how offensive sibilance is in your vocal tracks. If it's noticeable, then de-essing is a good idea. De-essers are just what they sound like: processors designed to cut the impact of the highly sibilant "s," "z,"... Read more »

How Many Channels Does A Rehearsal PA System Need?

Q: I'm starting a new band, and we're going to need a PA for rehearsals. But how do I know how big of a PA I need? A: Few things are as exciting as getting a band together, finding a rehearsal space, and beginning your musical journey together. Unless you're purely an acoustic group, that... Read more »

When to Use EQ on a Bus

In most cases, you want to use EQ on an individual track, to get it to sound right or to solve specific problems. But sometimes, your best bet is to strap an EQ across a bus so that the same EQ processes multiple tracks at once. For example, if you want a number of tracks to all share a similar... Read more »

Cakewalk Releases First SONAR Update of 2017

Cakewalk has released SONAR 2017.1, the first update for 2017. The new version includes the following new features: MIDI Note Chase — Play from wherever in a note to hear itThe Matrix now has editable cells via Step Sequencer or Loop ConstructionRapture Session now includes 50 Vintage... Read more »


Native Instruments has released an update to SESSION GUITARIST - STRUMMED ACOUSTIC 1 that adds some of the new features developed for STRUMMED ACOUSTIC 2. The new features in STRUMMED ACOUSTIC 1.1 include: Use the "Tap Rhythm Finder" function to filter and browse strumming patterns more quickly... Read more »

Allen & Heath Updates Qu Series Firmware to v1.9

Allen & Heath has released a major firmware update for its Qu series of iOS app-controllable mixers. The update include the following new features: Pro Factory Mic Presets co-developed with leading microphone manufacturers including: ShureSennheiserAudio-Technica New enhanced features on the... Read more »

Behringer DeepMind 12 updates OS to v1.0.3

Behringer has released version 1.0.3 of the DeepMind 12 operating system. The new version adds Unison Voice Number as a modulation source. The new mod source provides a fixed value based on the selected polyphony and the voice index within the group of unison voices. For example if POLYPHONY is... Read more »

What Can I Use For Vocal Effects Live?

Q: I'm the vocalist in a band, and we're doing shows where we're playing the songs off of our album. We want to have the same sound, effects, and processing on my voice as we used in the studio. How can we do it? A: There are several ways to approach adding effects and processing to vocals. The... Read more »

Korg Releases KRONOS OS 3.0.4

Korg has updated the operating system of its flagship KRONOS series of workstations to version 3.0.4. In addition to various bug fixes, the new update includes: EXs Expansion Sample Series numbers greater than EXs124 are now supported. Note that when installing EXs libraries numbered 125 or... Read more »

Propellerhead Releases Reason 9.2 Update

Propellerhead has just updated Reason to version 9.2. In addition to bug fixes, the main focus of this release is that it introduces Software Development Kit (SDK) 2.5 to developers, which features: User sample loading and sampling in Rack Extensions Customizable and switchable panels, widgets... Read more »

iZotope Updates Neutron and Neutron Advanced

iZotope has released an update for Neutron and Neutron Advanced, bringing it to version 1.0.1. The update includes the following enhancements and bug fixes: CPU Optimizations Up to 20% performance improvement when Masking Meter is enabled and Neutron's user interface is closed Up to 11%... Read more »

Should Guitar Amp Tubes Glow Blue?

Q: The tubes in my guitar amp are glowing blue instead of sort of a yellow glow. Are the tubes bad? A: That blue glow is just a side effect of a power tube — a fluorescent glow in the blue spectrum. The tube is fine! It actually indicates that the vacuum inside the tube is very good, which is... Read more »