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Tech Tips

inSync Tech Tips cover over 4,700 music and audio topics spanning 15 years of technological development. Look here to find answers to your tech questions, cool tips and tools for making music, and more.

Latest Tech Tips

Dave Smith Instruments Updates Prophet 6

Dave Smith Instruments has updated the operating system of the Sequential Prophet 6 to OS v1.3.1. The new operating system includes feature enhancements and new effects that were originally developed for the OB-6. Among the new features are: New effects (two flangers, a ring modulator, and a... Read more »

How Can I Tell When Unison is Active on My Apollo?

The Unison technology in Universal Audio's Apollo audio interfaces physically reconfigures the input circuit of the Apollo's preamp and provides the exact impedance, tone, and feel of legendary preamps from Neve, API, and Universal Audio, and of classic guitar amps from Fender and Marshall when... Read more »

Keith McMillen Instruments Introduces iOS Support for K-MIX

Keith McMillen Instruments continues to expand the capabilities of their recently released K-MIX 8-input, 10-output audio interface and programmable mixer by introducing iOS support in the latest firmware update. The firmware update is included with the v1.2 update to the K-MIX Editor for Mac... Read more »

Native Instruments Releases REAKTOR Blocks 1.2 Update

Native Instruments has updated REAKTOR Blocks in REAKTOR 6 to version 1.2. The new version introduces CV and MIDI connectivity. With these new Blocks you can: Calibrate pitch signals for accurate use with external hardware oscillatorsUse Blocks to convert any signal into gates and triggersSend... Read more »

Keith McMillen Instruments Updates K-MIX Editor

Keith McMillen Instruments has updated their K-MIX Editor software editor for OS X to version 1.2. The new combination software and K-MIX firmware update for the K-MIX mixer, in addition to numerous bug fixes, includes: Stereo Pairing added as a replacement for Fader GroupsLow/mid/high Phones... Read more »

Native Instruments Releases Guitar Rig 5.2.2

Native Instruments' GUITAR RIG has been updated to version 5.2.2. This update fixes a number of small bugs and crashes. The main feature of this new update is to introduces "usage data tracking." According to Native Instruments, this information helps them better understand how people use the... Read more »

DAW Tip: Filter out MIDI “Ghost Notes”

When you record a live MIDI track into your DAW, a brush of your finger, a slight hesitation, or a software glitch might create one or more extra "ghost notes" that have either very low velocities or super-short durations — the ghost note might not even be audible. Often you won't catch... Read more »

Soundtoys Releases 5.0.3 update for Mac Users

Close on the heels of their discovering a problem in v5.0.2, Soundtoys has just released Soundtoys 5.0.3 installers for Mac users. They have issued the following urgent statement: "We strongly recommend that all Mac users download this update, particularly those who had previously downloaded... Read more »

Sometimes the Most Appropriate Reverb is a Delay

Reverb is a time-based effect; it takes an input signal and applies a wash of very short delays of varying complexities, depending on the specific algorithm and settings. Clearly, based on the popularity of reverb, the effect works very well for adding ambience, positioning a track in space... Read more »

Omnidirectional Mics Deserve Love Too!

Sometimes it seems that the microphone world revolves around the cardioid polar pattern. Life is easy when you're the most popular belle at the ball! But omnis have a lot to bring to the party too. For one thing, they don't suffer from proximity effect, so with an omnidirectional mic what you... Read more »

That “Boxy” Sound Might Not Be the Mic

Few things are more frustrating than recording a great amp or acoustic instrument, or singing a great vocal, and on playback you realize it sounds "boxy" — that tell-tale stuffy sound that is almost impossible to EQ or process out of your tracks. Many times we assume this must be coming... Read more »

Is My MOTU AVB Interface Compatible with iOS?

All AVB-equipped MOTU interfaces are compatible with iPad/iOS (utilizing the Apple Camera Connection Kit) and other USB 2.0 audio class-compliant hosts. This includes the following MOTU interfaces: 1248 8M 16A 112D 24Ai 24Ao Monitor 8 UltraLite-AVB Stage-B16

UVI Releases Falcon v1.1.3

UVI has updated their hybrid software instrument Falcon to version 1.1.3. In addition to numerous optimization and bug fixes, the new update includes: Plug-in version's UI is now resizableAdded input and output gain in Exciter FXFixes in MPE script with overlapping note on the same MIDI... Read more »

How to Record Acoustic Guitars with the Royer R-121

The Royer R-121 ribbon mic has a reputation as one of the most natural-sounding ribbon mics available, known for capturing "the sound in the room" of most acoustic sources with minimal coloration. That said, due to its offset ribbon design, the two sides (front and back) of the R-121's... Read more »

Soundtoys 5 Updated to v5.0.2

Soundtoys has updated their Soundtoys 5 plug-in suite to version 5.0.2. In addition to numerous bug fixes and performance enhancements, these are the main new features: Plug-ins with the Analog Mode option now have a new "Op Amp" style to replace the Version 4 "Digital" mode that was removed... Read more »

PreSonus Unveils Presence XT Editor and Studio One 3.2.2

PreSonus's Presence XT sample player, as found in the company's Studio One 3 DAW, is a powerful sample-based instrument offering tons of great sounds. Now Presence XT has been opened up for creative musicians everywhere to create expressive new, custom sound programs with deep control and... Read more »

Use a Mic Stand for Vocal Recording

When you're recording, you want to capture not just the notes, but the vibe of the performance. For some singers, this means grabbing the microphone and rocking out the way they do on stage. This can cause problems, unfortunately, when recording. First, it's more difficult to maintain a... Read more »

How to Avoid Boominess When Recording Vocals

Proximity effect — defined as a change in the frequency response of a directional microphone as the mic is brought closer to the source — can be a great tool for tailoring the response of a microphone when recording, but it can sometimes create problems when recording vocals... Read more »

Morgan Pedals and Power Supplies

Morgan Amplification's new line of fuzzes and overdrive — the Fuzz, MKII Professional, NKT275 Fuzz, and Overdrive — are awesome sounding, super-responsive and dynamic pedals that recreate the tones of vintage fuzzes and transparent overdrive/boost using NOS transistors and Joe... Read more »

Applied Acoustics Updates String Studio VS-2 to v2.0.3

Applied Acoustics has released an update to String Studio VS-2, their string modulator synthesizer. The new update includes the following bug fixes and enhancements: Fixed buffer overflow in old MIDI code that caused crashes in LiveProfessor (and occasionally in other DAWs)When the plug-in GUI... Read more »