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Tech Tips

inSync Tech Tips cover over 4,800 music and audio topics spanning 15 years of technological development. Look here to find answers to your tech questions, cool tips and tools for making music, and more.

Live Sound Tech Tips

Drum Tip: Gaffer Tape Instead of Duct Tape

A common technique for reducing the volume and ringing of drums and cymbals is to place duct tape on the drum head or cymbal. It can also reduce low rumble in toms and harmonics from an overly "live" drum or cymbal... Read more »

How to Get a Great Guitar Sound with Sennheiser Microphones

Capturing energetic, vibrant guitar tone onstage or in your studio is easy when you choose the right microphone. Over the years, musicians and engineers have discovered that certain mics serve up consistent results... Read more »

5 Tips to Optimize Your Sennheiser Wireless System

We've configured and used large-scale Sennheiser wireless microphone systems here at Sweetwater for years. There are some easy steps you can take to get the maximum channel count, range, and sound quality from your... Read more »

Mesa/Boogie CabClone: Try It With a Speaker

The Mesa/Boogie CabClone is an amazingly useful tool. It lets you send a dry or cabinet-emulated signal directly to a mixer, a PA system, or your audio interface. It has a headphone output for silent practicing or... Read more »

For Guitar Players: Playing Bass like a Bass Player

How many songs have you heard in which the bass sounds either like it's being played by a frustrated guitarist who wants to rip out and solo, or that the bass is playing the same line as the guitar an octave lower?... Read more »

Effect Tip: Use a High-Pass Filter before Reverb

Nearly every mix uses reverb in some way. It can create artificial spaces, make thin tracks sound fuller, and create depth and dimension. However, it can also turn your tracks or entire mix to mush if you're not... Read more »

Protect your Ears!

There's nothing quite like the satisfying crack and thump of a live drum kit, the punch of bass and guitar amplifiers, and the energy of synthesizers and vocals over the PA system or powered monitors. And if a... Read more »

Tricks to Avoid Fader Creep When Mixing

Does this sound familiar: You start your mix with the faders flat and ample headroom on your output. You start slowly making one track louder, then another, then another. You can't hear the first track the way you... Read more »

Master Fader 3.0 for Mackie DL Series Mixers

Wireless control of Mackie DL series mixers just took a leap forward with the release of Master Fader 3.0, a new iOS controller app. Master Fader 3.0 is compatible with all DL series mixers; while some features are... Read more »

Tuner on a Sidechain

For electric guitarists and bassists, one way to help tidy up and disaster proof your signal flow is to put your tuner on a sidechain. A sidechain is a separate signal path that feeds from your main signal path, in... Read more »

How To: Boss RC-300 All Play and Single Track Modes

The Boss RC-300 is a super-powerful, easy-to-use, and fun looper pedal. You get three separate stereo tracks for looping to your heart's content. Right out of the box the RC-300 will play all three tracks at the... Read more »

Can I Hook AMPLIFI TT to my Stereo?

Q: Does AMPLIFI TT only work with guitar amps or does it work with stereos, too? A: LINE 6's brand-new AMPLIFI TT is compatible with just about any sound reproduction system. It has RCA line-level connectors, so you... Read more »

How to Reduce the Volume of a Guitar Amp Using an Attenuator

Many modern guitar amplifiers have very effective master volume controls that allow you to play a high-wattage amplifier at lower volumes and still get great tone. But a fair number of vintage amps don't have master... Read more »

How to Use Multiple Transmitters with One Sennheiser EW100 Receiver

Q: I own a Sennheiser EW 172 for my guitar stage rig, but I need to run two guitars. Can I get a second transmitter and switch between them? A: Absolutely. Simply Sync both transmitters with the receiver. There is a... Read more »

Roland iOS 8 Compatibility

Roland is posting compatibility information for their products with iOS 8 to a page on their support site. Plus, any additional requirements, such as wireless USB adapters, are listed on this page for specific... Read more »

Kemper Profiling Amplifier Updated for Bass and More

Kemper has released OS 2.7.0 for the Profiling Amp family. The new version includes a number of fixes and additions: User Interface fixed: memory garbage displayed, if current View contains only one single rig... Read more »

How to Use an External Footswitch With the Boss RC-3 Loop Station

Q: I noticed that the Boss RC-3 Loop Station has a footswitch jack labeled "Stop/Memory Shift." This is obviously to plug in an external footswitch to control those parameters, but how exactly does it work? A: The... Read more »

Yosemite Compatibility Information

Following up on our recommendation yesterday to be conservative about jumping to a new operating system before all your software is updated and compatible, the Sweetwater Tech Team is compiling and... Read more »

Can the IK Multimedia iRig BlueBoard Send Pedal Messages?

Q: Can you use a sustain pedal with the IK Multimedia iRig BlueBoard? Can it send sustain and other pedal messages from its pads/buttons? A: Yes, the iRig BlueBoard can send either MIDI program change messages or... Read more »

How to Control Snare Ring

Snare drums ring and should ring. That ring gives the drum resonance and character. But in music, you sometimes need to tweak your gear to fit the situation you are in. The recording studio is definitely a time... Read more »

Avid Releases EuControl 3.2

Avid has released version 3.2 of EuControl for Artist Series and S3. The new version improves connectivity and connection reliability, corrects the order/location of lowpass and highpass filter EQ controls, provides... Read more »

Battery Conservation

Battery-powered convenience means less cables to deal with and one less AC connection to have to find an outlet for or that might possibly cause a ground-loop hum. However, replacing batteries can be a pain due to... Read more »

Vocal Miking for the Singing Drummer

Drummers who sing are not that unusual anymore. There were always a lot of drummers who sang but the perception was that they didn't — or couldn't — because they were behind a drum kit. There are a... Read more »

How to Use the Minimum Volume Control on a Volume Pedal

Aside from setting the volume level of your instrument, volume pedals are great for volume-swell effects. Typically, a volume pedal set in the toe-forward position is full-volume and in the heel-down position is... Read more »