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Tech Tips

inSync Tech Tips cover over 4,800 music and audio topics spanning 15 years of technological development. Look here to find answers to your tech questions, cool tips and tools for making music, and more.

Keyboard Tech Tips

How to Use the Minimum Volume Control on a Volume Pedal

Aside from setting the volume level of your instrument, volume pedals are great for volume-swell effects. Typically, a volume pedal set in the toe-forward position is full-volume and in the heel-down position is... Read more »

How to Pan a Mix with In-Ear Monitors

Since in-ear monitors cut out a lot of noise, especially on a loud stage, you can really take advantage of the clear sound and use panning to get your mix just right. If you are a drummer, try placing the... Read more »

Applied Acoustics Systems Releases String Studio VS-2 version 2.01 Update

Applied Acoustics Systems (AAS) has released version 2.01 of String Studio VS-2. The new version adds support for MIDI assignment of the pitchbend wheel and aftertouch, as well as minimum and maximum value options... Read more »

How-To Listen: Part 1 – Sitting In

What is "sitting in"? Sitting in is one of the best ways to network and start letting other players know who you are. If you do it enough and do it well, before you know it, you will be in the band that has the... Read more »

How to Assign MIDI Controllers in Toontrack EZdrummer 2

Our friends at Toontrack have created an excellent, brief video tutorial on how to assign MIDI controllers to parameters in EZdrummer 2. Now you can get hands on with the EZdrummer 2 mixer and more using the knobs... Read more »

Easy MIDI Note Erase in PreSonus Studio One 2

PreSonus's Studio One 2 DAW has a cool feature called "note erase"; if you select Note Erase in the Record panel while recording a MIDI part, a note played during a recording pass will erase and replace existing... Read more »

Cool Tool: Hosa Astro-Grip

Take control of cable clutter! No matter how neatly you coil, wrap, and secure cables, it seems they always end up a tangled mess. No more, with Hosa's Astro-Grip! This hook-and-loop cable wrap comes in a 15-foot... Read more »

Cakewalk Announces Z3TA+ Update for iPad

Cakewalk has released version 1.3 of Z3TA+ for iPad. The new version includes a number of new features: Import Z3TA+ presets from iOS, or Z3TA+ 2 plug-in, available on Windows and OS XImport user waves, MIDI arps... Read more »

What is Dual Mono Versus Stereo?

Q: What is the difference between dual mono and stereo? A: As with many things in life, it's all about relationships. "Dual mono" indicates two completely separate, independent, unrelated channels. For example, in a... Read more »

Dual Speed Control on the Pigtronix Rototron

The brand-new Pigtronix Rototron is an incredible rotating speaker simulator that offers very cool control capabilities. For example, there are two expression pedal inputs; one governs the low rotor speed while the... Read more »

Using In-Ear Monitors Onstage; a Professional’s View, Part 2

Last time, inSync consulted Sweetwater's Don Carr, a touring, professional musician and heard his experiences with in-ear monitors. This time we'll continue our conversation with Don and offer some practical advice... Read more »

Using In-Ear Monitors Onstage; a Professional’s View, Part 1

With the cost of quality in-ear monitors dropping, the thought of loud, heavy monitor wedges and amps has become less appealing to many working musicians and bands. In this 2-part article, inSync offers a... Read more »

Roland Updates AIRA Family

Roland has released version 1.1 software for the entire AIRA family, including the TR-8, TB-3, SYSTEM-1, and VT-3. The free update features enhancements to the entire line, including backup and restore capabilities... Read more »

Yamaha Updates MOXF with iOS Support

Yamaha has released version 1.10 of the MOXF workstation operating system. The new version supports connection of the MOXFs to iOS devices using the Apple Camera Connection kit. iOS connection supports audio routing... Read more »

Pigtronix Echolution 2 Firmware version 2 Released

Pigtronix has released version 2 firmware and a new editing app for the Echolution 2 delay pedal. The new update allows expression pedal and envelope control over all knobs, simultaneously, with user-definable heel... Read more »

Hidden Settings on the TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb

There are two hidden settings inside the TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb pedal: Buffered Bypass and Kill-Dry. Out of the box, the HOF is set for true bypass operation; when the pedal is bypassed, nothing is in the... Read more »

Preset Update for Rob Papen BLUE-II

Rob Papen has released a new update for BLUE-II Cross-fusion Virtual Synthesizer that provides two new preset banks ("The Decoder" and "Navi Retlav") as well as new presets inside several other banks. This is a free... Read more »

Arturia Releases Spark 2

Arturia has released version 2 of Spark. Spark 2 adds 50 new kits, 800 new instruments, an updated song mode, a new modular synth-style sound engine and editing screen, a new look and feel to the user interface, a... Read more »

Moog MF-104M Firmware Update

Moog has released v1.0.3 firmware for the MF-104M. The new version includes several fixes related to tap tempo and modulation, a fix for a problem with how MIDI time code was handled, and a fix where the time LED is... Read more »

Moog Sub Phatty Editor v1.1.0

Moog has released version 1.1.0 of the Sub Phatty Editor. The new version adds AAX compatibility and fixes a crash that some Mac and Windows users were experiencing. This is a free update for all registered Sub... Read more »

Moog Minitaur Editor v3, Firmware v2.1

Moog has released version 3 of the Minitaur Editor and version 2.1 Minitaur firmware. The Minitaur Editor is free to all registered Minitaur owners. It will run standalone or as a VST, Audio Units, RTAS, or AAX... Read more »

Nektar Announces Bitwig Studio Integration for Panorama Family

Nektar has released Bitwig Studio Integration Files for the Panorama controller family, allowing the hardware controllers to directly work with parameters and functions within the software.

Nektar Updates Panorama’s Cubase Integration

Nektar has released a new version of Cubase Integration files for the Panorama controller family. The new version responds perfectly to channel-type filtering and allow you to navigate only the channels you see... Read more »

Moog Sub Phatty Editor v1.1.0

Moog has released version 1.1.0 of the Sub Phatty Editor. The new update adds AAX support, and includes various fixes for both the Mac and Windows versions. Note: If you own Sub Phatty serial #2892 or below you must... Read more »