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Tech Tips

inSync Tech Tips cover over 4,800 music and audio topics spanning 15 years of technological development. Look here to find answers to your tech questions, cool tips and tools for making music, and more.

iOS Tech Tips

iOS: AudioBus 2.1 Released

AudioBus version 2.1 has been released for iOS devices. New to this version: Presets for saving and sharing connections and settings of individual apps within AudioBus.Multi-channel input hardware supportHardware... Read more »

How to Use 30-pin Devices with New Lightning iPad

Q: I have a new iPad with a Lightning connector, but most of my accessories are 30-pin, which I used with my old iPad. Can I hook them up somehow? A: Yes! The solution you are looking for is the Apple Lightning to... Read more »

Native Instruments iMASCHINE 1.1

Native Instruments has released version 1.1 of iMASCHINE. The new version offers a special "two-handed workflow" for iPad, new sounds from the Quantum Collection iMASCHINE Expansion, improved sample editing and... Read more »

Novation Launchpad 1.5

Novation has released version 1.5 of their Launchpad iOS app. The new version adds AudioBus compatibility.

Line 6 Amplifi Remote 1.1

Line 6 has released version 1.1 of Amplifi Remote. The new version introduces tone sharing via Facebook and Twitter, enhanced search, and more. The app is available for free from the Apple iTunes App Store, and... Read more »

Behringer Releases X32 v2.04 Firmware

Behringer has released version 2.04 firmware for the X32 digital mixer family. The new version is required for using the new X32-Edit 2.0 on Mac/PC/Linux computers, and for using X32-Mix 2.2 on Apple iPads (requires... Read more »

Propellerhead Figure 1.6 for iOS

Propellerhead Software has released version 1.6 of Figure for iOS. The new version adds direct sharing to Facebook or Twitter, and is a free update.

Auria Updated

WaveMachine Labs has announced version 1.141 of Auria and Auria LE iOS apps. The new version includes numerous fixes, as well as the new FabFilter Pro-MB plug-in. The version 1.141 update is available through the... Read more »

Updated Zoom StompShare and 20 Free Models

Zoom has released version of StompShare for the MS-100BT MultiStomp effects pedal with Bluetooth. The new version includes an additional 20 free amp and effects models, a new "Bass" category, and an added... Read more »

Enhance Your Creativity and Productivity with Tech Time!

In today's home studio, it seems as if there's always something technical to do. Update this software. Install this plug-in. Test the seemingly bad cable. Rewire your pedalboard. Move things around in the racks to... Read more »

Mackie Updates Master Fader App

Mackie has released version 2.1 of their Master Fader app for the DL1608 and DL806 digital mixers. The new version adds 4-band parametric EQ with highpass and lowpass filters, on all outputs. Alignment delay is now... Read more »

Endless Rotary Encoders versus Fixed-position knobs

There are two types of "knobs" in use on hardware synths, controllers, and other devices: endless rotary encoders and fixed-position knobs. An endless rotary encoder can be rotated endlessly; there is no stop point;... Read more »

Can I connect multiple Xkeys to my computer?

Q: I have a couple of "stations" in my studio, and I would like to have a CME Xkey at each station. Can I connect more than one Xkey to the same computer? A: Yes, you can connect multiple Xkeys to your computer or... Read more »

Keith McMillan Instruments Updates SoftStep

Keith McMillan Instruments has released new editors and firmware for the SoftStep programmable foot controller. New in this version is 8-times faster loading speed, reduced memory usage, a new user interface, user... Read more »

Novation Releases Launchpad App v1.3

Novation has released a version 1.3 of the Launchpad app for iPad 2 or newer and any Novation Launchpad-compatible controller, including Launchpad S, Launchpad Mini, Launchkey Mini, Launch Control, Launchkey 25... Read more »

Finding iPad and iPhone Apps in App Store

Q: I watch all your iOS Update videos, but sometimes I have trouble finding the apps you talk about. Am I missing something? A: Apps may be listed in the App Store as iPad Only, iPhone Only, or they may show up in... Read more »

How Do I Set the MIDI Channel on the iRig BlueBoard

Q: The iK Multimedia iRig BlueBoard sends on all MIDI channels out of the box. How do I change it to one specific MIDI channel? A: In the BlueBoard app, below the yellow-ish bank display in the center of the screen... Read more »

How Do I Change Preset Banks Using the iRig BlueBoard?

Q: The iK Multimedia iRig BlueBoard says that I can access up to 128 presets but there are only four switches. How do I access the higher preset numbers? A: The BlueBoard app has a setting under Menu: "Allow Bank... Read more »

iRig BlueBoard Compatibility

The iK Multimedia iRig BlueBoard uses a newer version of Bluetooth called "Bluetooth LE" (low energy) found in newer computers and iOS devices. According to iK: iOS: iRig BlueBoard is compatible with iPhone 5s... Read more »

iRig Blueboard Not Connecting to Amplitube on iPad?

Q: I've got an iK Multimedia iRig BlueBoard set up with my iPad, and it seems to be working fine — presets change in the BlueBoard app, etc. — but it's not changing presets in Amplitube. I don't see a... Read more »

Maintaining iOS 7 Privacy

In these days of the world-wide web and mobile devices, life is good! We can take our data, our music-making tools, and our music wherever we go. But that portability and access can also raise questions about... Read more »

IK Multimedia Apps and iOS 7

One change in iOS 7 is that certain apps will ask permission to use the iOS device's built-in microphone. If you choose "yes," all should function as expected. However, with an IK Multimedia app, if you choose "no,"... Read more »

Native Instruments and iOS 7

Native Instruments is reporting some compatibility issues with their iOS software and hardware and Apple's newly released iOS 7. Early testing by the company has revealed functional errors, audio errors and... Read more »

How Do I Close an App with iOS 7?

Q: I'm used to closing apps with my iPad by double-clicking the Home button, then holding an app's icon until the "X" appears, then closing it. That doesn't seem to work with iOS 7. How do I do it? A: Double-click... Read more »