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Tech Tips

inSync Tech Tips cover over 4,800 music and audio topics spanning 15 years of technological development. Look here to find answers to your tech questions, cool tips and tools for making music, and more.

Guitar Tech Tips

Cool Tool: Gaffer Tape Mastery!

Gaffer tape is one of the essentials of life for musicians and live sound and recording engineers. But taping down cables is a drag — who wants to crawl around the floor in who-knows-what debris and sticky... Read more »

IK Multimedia Amplitube UA Supports Android devices

IK Multimedia, makers of the iRig UA hardware interface for Android devices, originally released Amplitube UA for a select number of Samsung devices. Now AmpliTube UA is compatible with any Android devices running... Read more »

How to Defeat Bigsby Ringing when Palm Muting

If you've ever tried to palm mute on a guitar equipped with a Bigsby vibrato tailpiece, odds are that rather than pure silence after the mute, you heard a metallic ringing. That is because while you've successfully... Read more »

Line 6 Updates Pod HD to v2.6

Line 6 brings new features and amp models to the Pod HD line of products with firmware update v2.6. In addition to bug fixes and a new Global EQ feature, this update introduces three new optional model packs... Read more »

What is the Difference between a Balanced vs Unbalanced Audio Signal?

The difference between balanced and unbalanced audio signals has to do with the design of the audio circuit. A balanced audio circuit, like the XLR inputs on a pro audio rack processor, has both positive (+) and... Read more »

How To Get the Most From Your Delay Pedal: Part One

Delay is one of the most powerful and flexible effects available. The concept of repeating a segment of sound is a simple one, but what happens to that segment is where the fun begins: make it longer or shorter... Read more »

Q: Why Do I Hear a Popping Sound when I Put My Amp in Standby?

When you turn on your amp, a constant supply of voltage runs through your amp. When you flip the switch and put your amp in standby, you are disconnecting the high voltage half of the power supply. When connecting... Read more »

Are the only Mobile Devices Capable of Music Creation the iPhone and iPad?

It's true, iOS has a huge head start over Android when it comes to the number of music-creation apps. But with software synthesizers like Caustic 3, and Line 6, Behringer, SoundCraft, PageFlip, AirTurn, and IK... Read more »

Use the Cloud to Collaborate Musically

These days, you can get free cloud storage nearly everywhere — from Dropbox, Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and more. They offer us space for our photographs and music libraries, for our office documents... Read more »

How to Reamp Digitally Using the Kemper Profiling Amplifier

The Kemper Profiling Amplifier is one of the most exciting digital guitar processors to be released in the last couple of years. By taking "profiles" of guitar and bass amplifiers, it can capture the sound of a rig... Read more »

What is a “Strobe” Tuner?

Most electronic tuners work by using a microprocessor to analyze the average period of the waveform of a vibrating string, and using LEDs to indicate whether the pitch of the string is higher, lower, or directly... Read more »

How to Dual Mic a Guitar Cabinet and get the Phase Right

Dual miking guitar cabinets is a tried-and-true method of getting a great guitar sound. Using two mics, such as a ribbon (the Royer R121 is an example of one that works well for this) and a dynamic (the Shure SM57... Read more »

Can I Remove All Strings at Once from my Guitar?

Q: Can changing the strings on my guitar by removing all of them at once damage my guitar? A: The short answer is that the odds of damaging your guitar are very low. However, removing all the strings at once from... Read more »

How to Get a Great Guitar Sound with Sennheiser Microphones

Capturing energetic, vibrant guitar tone onstage or in your studio is easy when you choose the right microphone. Over the years, musicians and engineers have discovered that certain mics serve up consistent results... Read more »

Zoom Updates MS-50G MultiStomp to V2

The MS-50G MultiStomp, Zoom's multi-effects pedal that fits into a compact stompbox, has been updated to version 2 firmware. In this update, Zoom has added 45 new types of effects to the already over 100 effects... Read more »

Line 6 Announces Pod HD v2.6 Firmware Update

At the Winter NAMM show, Line 6 announced the free Pod HD v2.6 firmware update, which adds key customer requests. The update adds a new Global EQ feature, as well as featuring three new model packs that may be... Read more »

Mesa/Boogie CabClone: Try It With a Speaker

The Mesa/Boogie CabClone is an amazingly useful tool. It lets you send a dry or cabinet-emulated signal directly to a mixer, a PA system, or your audio interface. It has a headphone output for silent practicing or... Read more »

For Guitar Players: Playing Bass like a Bass Player

How many songs have you heard in which the bass sounds either like it's being played by a frustrated guitarist who wants to rip out and solo, or that the bass is playing the same line as the guitar an octave lower?... Read more »

Does String Height Affect Guitar Tone?

The "action" of your guitar — meaning the height of the strings off the fretboard — definitely affects your guitar tone. The higher the action, the more open your instrument sounds. High action can often... Read more »

Protect your Ears!

There's nothing quite like the satisfying crack and thump of a live drum kit, the punch of bass and guitar amplifiers, and the energy of synthesizers and vocals over the PA system or powered monitors. And if a... Read more »

Baby, It’s Cold Outside….

More than just a catchy song written in 1944 by Frank Loesser, "baby it's cold outside" is also a mandate of sorts, to keep your wooden instruments and other gear safe and protected! Cold weather means two things:... Read more »

Fix It Before the Mix

How many times have you heard an engineer (or yourself!) say, "We'll fix it in the mix." Smoothing over a rough patch in a song during mixdown is something we've all done — and there's nothing wrong with that... Read more »

Locking versus Non-locking Guitar Tuners

Q: What is the difference between locking and non-locking guitar tuners? A: Locking tuners include a clamping mechanism to lock the string in place. This has two advantages. First, by locking the string against the... Read more »

Gear Ratios and Guitar Tuners

Q: What does the gear ratio in bass and guitar tuners mean? A: The gear ratio in instrument tuners refers to how many turns of the tuning key equals a complete turn of the string post. In other words, a tuner with... Read more »