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Tech Tips

inSync Tech Tips cover over 4,800 music and audio topics spanning 15 years of technological development. Look here to find answers to your tech questions, cool tips and tools for making music, and more.

Guitar Tech Tips

No Input with Guitar Interface and iPhone

Q: I have a little guitar interface box that I connect to my iPhone for practicing. It hooks up to the iPhone headphone jack with a 1/8" cable. It was working fine, but now I can't get the guitar signal to show up... Read more »

Delay Levels and Expression Pedals

Need to use multiple delay settings, but your delay stompbox doesn't support preset storage? Here's a manual solution that we've been finding works very well: choose a delay pedal that either has a built-in tap... Read more »

sE Electronics Egg Mids

Q: Why does the sE Electronic Egg monitor system have a Mid EQ control? I've never seen one on a monitor before. A: The 3-position Mid EQ switch on the Eggs provides slightly shaped midrange for comparison purposes... Read more »

Cool Tool: Tone Preservation

If you're using more than a pedal or two in your guitar or bass rig, then you may be familiar with sonic destruction resulting from "tone suck" — the loss of your precious tone due to long cable runs, pedal... Read more »

How Pedal Stacking Effects Tone

Q: Good article on the pedal stacking. In your experience with professional guitarists have you seen the best results with higher gain pedals before medium gain pedals in the sequence or to sequence from lower gain... Read more »

Easy Guitar and Bass Adjustments

This one simple but often ignored or overlooked tip will make setting up your guitar or bass so much easier and will also prevent damage to bridge and tailpiece components when making adjustments. Loosen the strings... Read more »

Guitar Tuning Tip

Literally...for maximum tuning stability on a stringed instrument such as a guitar (acoustic or electric) or bass, approach the final in-tune pitch from below. If you tune a string down, it's likely that there will... Read more »

Expression Pedal for Line 6 Devices

Looking for an expression pedal for your Line 6 device? Not all pedals are created equal, and some definitely work better than others with Line 6 gear. We highly recommend the Mission Engineering EP1-L6. This... Read more »

Fulltone Clyde Standard True Bypass?

Q: Is the Fulltone Clyde Standard wah pedal a true-bypass pedal, or does it have a buffer? A: The Clyde Standard and the Clyde Deluxe are both true-bypass pedals.

Stacking Overdrive Pedals

Want more versatility on your pedalboard? Consider adding a second (or third, or fourth, or fifth...) overdrive pedal! Each overdrive offers a different response and tonal shading, so you'll instantly up the range... Read more »

TC Electronic Flashback Tap Tempo

Q: I wish the TC Electronic Flashback had tap tempo. I really prefer tempo-synced delays. Is there any way to add that feature? A: While it doesn't have a tap tempo switch or input, the Flashback delay can... Read more »

Fender Excelsior Speaker Jack

The new Fender Excelsior tube guitar amp is a certified hit — clearly guitar players are loving the vintage/retro tones this affordable amp delivers. One cool thing is that you can get an even larger array of... Read more »

Pedaltrain Bracket

Q: I went to the Pedaltrain site, and they show two brackets for mounting power supplies to their pedalboards. But you only show one type on your site, the universal version. Will this work with the Voodoo Lab Pedal... Read more »

Cool Tool: Wall Bumper

Hanging your guitars or basses on your studio or practice space walls is both practical and aesthetically very cool — what could be more striking than an awesome axe presented as a piece of art, plus the... Read more »

Purpose of Amp Effects Loop?

Q: I've never really understood why I would want to put my effects into my guitar amp's effects loop. They work fine going into the regular front input on the amp. What are the advantages to using the loop? A: This... Read more »

Cool Site: PedalboardPlanner.com

We're not associated with this site, but we use it all the time: PedalboardPlanner.com. It's an interactive site that allows you to choose a Pedaltrain pedalboard, then load on and position images of pedals so you... Read more »

Dialing In Guitar Tone

Q: The humbucking neck pickup on my guitar always sounds too dark and muddy. What can I do to make it sound better? A: There is always the option of swapping out the pickup for a new one that offers the response you... Read more »

Exp Input on Delay?

Q: I'm looking for a delay pedal for my guitar that will let me control the delay time and/or other parameters using a foot pedal. Does anything like that exist? A: Definitely! There are a number of options for... Read more »

Roto Choir Stereo?

Q: The Tech 21 Roto Choir pedal says it has a stereo output, but it only has one 1/4" out. What gives? A: The output jack on the Roto Choir is a TRS jack. Plug in a regular mono guitar cable and you will get mono... Read more »

Line-level Pedals

Q: I want to use my guitar pedals with my studio gear and keyboards, and I also want them to run in my amp's effects loop, which is line level. Most of my pedals can't handle the line level and distort (not in the... Read more »

Bigger Guitar Sounds

Q: I'm trying to get a bigger electric guitar sound, more like what I hear on the classic rock songs I hear. My friends keep telling me to turn up the gain, but I'm not sure that is giving me what I want. A: The... Read more »

Popless Guitar Changes

We've all learned the hard way that unplugging a guitar from a live amplifier can result in a loud pop — annoying and potentially damaging to speakers. To prevent this, you could switch the amp to standby, or... Read more »

Cool Tool: On-Stage Stands RS4000 and RS6000

Want to improve your onstage guitar tone? One easy solution is to tilt your combo amp back so that its speaker actually points at your ears instead of serenading your knee caps! The problem is that you need a secure... Read more »

Big String Tuner

Q: I'm using one of my guitars for a lot of very low tunings (almost like a baritone guitar) and I want to use heavy strings so I can have good tension when I am tuned down. What is the biggest size string that I... Read more »