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Tech Tips

inSync Tech Tips cover over 4,800 music and audio topics spanning 15 years of technological development. Look here to find answers to your tech questions, cool tips and tools for making music, and more.

Guitar Tech Tips

How to Connect Pedals to Studio Gear

Q: I want to use my guitar pedals in some of my studio mixdowns, but whenever I connect them to my audio interface I get distorted sounds. What can I do? A: Using guitar pedals for studio applications is a cool way... Read more »

Jumpering Marshall Amp Channels

Q: Sometimes when I see guys using Marshall amplifiers, they have a short cord that is connecting the jacks on the front. What does this do? A: Some Marshall amps, such as the JTM45, 1959HW, and 1987X are... Read more »

Too Wet as Bad as Too Dry?

Q: I hear a lot about how bad it is for guitars and other instruments to get too dry when the humidity drops. But what about the other direction? Is it bad when there is too much humidity? A: In general, high... Read more »

Multiple Tube Failure?

Following up on yesterday's question, where an inSync reader asked for help tracking down a problem with his guitar amp. We suggested substituting a known-good preamp tube for each tube in the amp until the problem... Read more »

Whistling Amp

Q: My guitar amplifier is making weird noises when I turn it on — crackling, pops, sometimes it makes a whistling noise. These noises stop after a few minutes. Any thoughts on what could be wrong? A: Several things... Read more »

Pigtronix Infinity Looper Firmware Update

The Pigtronix Infinity Looper just got even better! The latest firmware update adds a much-requested feature: Variable Feedback Decay. Variable Feedback Decay (also refered to by Pigtronix as "loop aging") fades out... Read more »

COOL TOOL: Moog Ladder

Given that the Moog Ladder filter for 500 series format racks comes from Moog Music, you might be inclined to think that it is only to be used for processing synthesizers. But that couldn't be further from the... Read more »


Native Instruments has released version 5.1 of KONTAKT (part of Native Instruments KOMPLETE). The new version includes added support for the 32-bit native AAX format, the "Jump" amp effect from GUITAR RIG, automatic... Read more »

Balancing Modeling Amp Presets

Q: I have a modeling combo guitar amp. I love the flexibility and that I can store presets for each song, plus it sounds great! Here's my problem: I can't seem to get the volume of the presets balanced. When I... Read more »

Zoom MS-100BT Power Supply

Q: What power supply can I use to run my Zoom MS-100BT? A: For best results, Zoom recommends that both MS-50G and MS-100BT be used with their AD-16 power supply. However, both will work using a standard pedal power... Read more »

Remove Batteries from Zoom MS-100BT?

Q: If I remove the two AA batteries from my Zoom MS-100BT, will I lose the effects and amps I have downloaded? Will my presets be lost? A: The memory of the MS-100BT MultiStomp, including user presets and downloaded... Read more »

Value of Modded Guitar

Q: If I modify my guitar, will it be worth more or less than it was before? A: The answer depends; there are a number of scenarios: If the instrument is "vintage" or collectible, then any modification will reduce... Read more »

Cool Tool: TASCAM PR-10

This one falls into the no-brainer category: an idea catcher that costs less than 50 bucks? That's just what the TASCAM PR-10 is! This pocket-sized recorder has a pocket-change price, yet provides stereo... Read more »

Supa-Puss Expression Pedal Input

Q: The Way Huge Supa-Puss delay has an expression pedal input. Can this be used to control any parameter or is it fixed? A: The expression pedal input on the Supa-Puss is wired to control delay time.

Delay Trails?

Q: I see several delay pedals, such as the new Way Huge Supa-Puss, the TC Electronic Flashback and Flashback X4, and others, that can turn "trails" on and off. What does this mean? A: "Trails" refers to the echo... Read more »

PureMix Guitar Miking

Our friends at PureMix have created an awesome video showing the differences that microphone placement and microphone type can make when capturing a guitar amp. Curious how much of a difference moving a mic slightly... Read more »

Line 6 DT25/DT50 v2.0 Firmware

Line 6 has relesed version 2.0 firmware for their DT25 and DT50 amplifiers. The new firmware adds 26 additional HD preamps, taking the total to 30. In addition, any preamp can be combined with dynamic topologies... Read more »

Mini Humbuckers Versus Full Humbuckers

Q: What do the Gibson Les Paul Studio '70s Tribute mini humbuckers sound like compared to the 490R/498T pickups found on the Les Paul Studio '50s Tribute? I've never played mini humbuckers before. A: Mini humbuckers... Read more »

Cool Tool: StageTrix Pedal Riser

If you've got a loaded pedalboard, one of the problems can be that the pedals in the second row are hard to access without messing up the settings of the pedals on the front row. That problem is history with the... Read more »

COOL TOOL: Farley JP Deluxe Guitar Tool

There's nothing worse than showing up for rehearsal or gig and finding out that something on your guitar or bass needs to be adjusted, or you break a string and want to clip the end off or need to pull a bridge pin... Read more »

Fretboard Conditioner

We're often asked what we recommend for cleaning and conditioning an unfinished guitar or bass fretboard (such as a rosewood fingerboard). Both Planet Waves and PRS make great products for this purpose: PRS... Read more »

Charvel Wild Card #7 and Locking Nut

Q: I purchased the Charvel Wild Card #7 from Sweetwater in August. At the top of the fretboard, it has three locking frames covering all six strings [a locking nut], which is intended to control and eliminate tuning... Read more »

TC Electronic Flashback X4 Analog Dry Through?

Q: The information on the upcoming TC Electronic Flashback X4 pedal says that it has "analog dry through." What does this mean? A: With many digital effects pedals, the incoming analog signal from the guitar or... Read more »

Tele Twang Tones

Q: I'm studying to be a mixing engineer, and I was wondering if I could ask for your advice. I have a country mix where the lead guitar has a few solos and the client asked if I could create a "Brad Paisley" sound... Read more »